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Notwithstanding this being mentioned elsewhere, I’ve got over 40 years practice, experience, training, and exposure to diversified worlds of building-services trades. These include both commercial and residential properties. I first became interested in this highly diversified field of property maintenance, refurbishment, and improvement when I was eight years old.
My first gig was in the attic of a private single family home in Flatbush, Brooklyn (1960-something). My dad was there to replace all the insulation. I was just there to help.
I was around 13 years old when, for the better part of one summer (school break), I was the manager (then called “superintendent”) of a four-story multiplex. My dad knew the owner. He’d done work for him at his private home. So although I really didn’t think of making a career out of the building-service trades, I tended to gravitate toward it irrespective of whatever else I did in life.
In my experience I’ve met quite a collection of residents and contractors as well. I’ve seen, heard, and learned quite a bit about practically every fundamental aspect relative to what it takes and what you require towards getting the jobs done.
Unfortunately, with respect to the flip side of things, I’ve learned more than enough I cared to know and understand about how some guys are innately crooked. Such morally corrupt happenstances were/are evidenced by not only the things they say but by things they do or don’t do consistent/inconsistent with your trust. Much of what I’ve learned and of the tricks played aren’t really known by the typical resident.
A lot of it isn’t so “common knowledge” as some would conceitedly feign intellectual prowess in this serious realm of things. But, of course, being another perpetual thinker, I tend to read into situations (in addition) and uncover some of the most incredible truths about how you can do an even better job at successfully navigating through the building-services trades with the assistance of others.
Of it all, my special calling is truly towards sharing much of this practical and literal information with you as a member of the private residential sector of our country.
Please, help me to be of the greatest possible assistance to you towards your successions of successful home maintenance and improvement projects. Please, help me to be of assistance to you towards safer and more effective home maintenance and improvement policy.
Finally, for clarity's sake, I'm not an "author." I'm an advocate, an advisory, consultant, and support of and for U.S. private home decision makers like you. So what I write is only an extension of who I am in relation to you.
Our "Free Service Policy" is as strong as it ever was .... and as available.
This means that my service to you isn't premised on the income I earn through these e-books. Instead, it's premised on the fact of you making better decisions about and getting better results from the people you select to assist with your private home maintenance and improvement projects. Better Decisions, Better Results. E-book purchase is only optional (not required) to this effect.
Now, let’s DO this!

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Need More In Depth Info Before Making a Decision?
Now, Let’s Go A Bit More In Depth, Okay?
Currently, although it’s easy for some critics to assume that I’m just another person vegetating at the keyboard with expectations for and proliferation of “effortless returns,” nothing is farther from the truth. Aside from my volunteer efforts, I work as a temporary laborer at a menial hourly rate comparable to most in the country.
Although working as a temp on primarily menial jobs is hardly a means for reliable income continuity, I’m undaunted in my personal commitment, continuing to actively support your rights and privileges as an American private home decision maker (whether you own, rent, or lease your own legitimate private home) towards safer and more effective home maintenance and improvement projects.

Another little known fact is that, although I was laid off from my maintenance job at a local boat yard in 2010 [having been there only three years], I consistently volunteered under the auspices of HGRBS using a fair portion of my unemployment insurance benefits (until they were depleted two years later) for financing domestic outreach operations which included affiliate websites, web design, electronics accessories, office supplies, independent public relations contractors, transportation, systems maintenance and upgrading, production and release of related self-help audios, digital script, flyers, and brochures, etc ……..

Prior to 2007
Previous to working for the boat company, I worked my final 6 years as a full-time 7/12’s-oriented self-employed independent contractor. My repertoire of home maintenance and improvement projects performed were:

General maintenance and repair, drywall (repair/installation); interior/exterior painting; pressure washing; adjustment, removal, and installation of fences and gates; light masonry (mortar work included); base and wall cabinet installation; manual residential interior/exterior demos; driveway resurfacing and striping; concrete patch; trenches; appliance repair and/or replacement; finish duct work; gutter cleaning, adjusting, sealing, and/or replacing; general household insulation; stucco; diversified minor electrical and plumbing; an assortment of carpentry; lawn & garden (all phases); window ornaments; roof repair; doors and door locks; window replacement and window screens; general debris removal; general yard, basement, and garage clean up and organizing; and other general maintenance and repair work.

The years preceding 2001 included for me a mix of “in between” engagement which entailed:
a number of tele-sales and door-to-door sales positions; a stint as a trainee with stock brokerage firm in New York; a 3-year period working with various courier outfits; a couple years (off-on) as a hawker/doorman for strip joints (also in New York); five years as a weight control specialist with a business venture aptly registered as “Control International,” in Niagara Falls, New York. Intermittently, there was also a 20-25-year (off-on) unsuccessful bid in the performing arts.

However, throughout the time elapsed, since the 1960's, there has always been some engagement in one form of property maintenance and improvement or another. So, without exaggeration, I’ve really got more than enough exposure and practice among such an enormous diversity of people and professions to qualify for my present role as your personal home projects consultant. In other words, when taken as a whole (all things considered), I’ve gleaned and I tend to glean much of the most practical positive elements of my experiences and encounters to share with you recommended tips and strategies which you can use to set you on top of the game in terms of home maintenance and improvement policy.

What I share as your personal home projects consultant (of which my e-booklets and e-books are only representative) you’re not going to get from someone who has no true experience or basis with such an interesting cavalcade of real people, in real situations, who genuinely knows the psychology behind leveraging negotiations to the effect of that you’ll actually be enabled to orchestrate successful home business relations which are more to your best home project and financial advantages. Essentially, none of this is theoretically-based. This you’ll inevitably prove to yourself. That’s what I’m counting on!

Home is the best wonder of the world! You’re it’s best keeper! You’re getting even better! Awesome!
Why is “Pocket the Money!” Only $0.99?
Foremost of all, with respect to anything I write, I’d prefer it to be free. In fact each of my e-books are freely available in U.S. Public Libraries [So, if you like, please check with the one in your neighborhood about reading them] Yet I’ve noted in these five plus years as a personal home projects consultant my activities have been immensely hampered in this regard by the financial prerequisites of this world.

In addition, the price range for my e-book “Power in the House!” (which is the cumulative sum of six key messages I’ve transposed from audio to script purposefully meshed into one, of which “Pocket the Money!” is constituent) retails online variously between $5.35 and $7.00 depending on who’s doing the advertising/distributing. So, it would seem immensely awkward to price any of these anywhere above $0.99, especially where this low price is freely available online.

Yet another explanation is that what’s most important to me is your situation with respect to your home maintenance and improvement objectives and your making better more leveraged decisions when it comes to planning for, screening, selecting, and hiring contractors.

Still another, I’m not commercially motivated. At least, not overwhelmingly. This is my calling in life. What’s most important to me is fulfilling this calling through making information available to you for which others demand ridiculously high prices or charge mandatory consultation and support fees. Any price you see for any of my e-booklets or e-books is a fund-raiser. The returns help to accomplish more for more people. In that sense, at least, pricing these works at a very low rate can help me continue offering and giving free advice, consultation, and support to private home residents like you online and in person as it's situationally reasonable.

Finally, please allow me to share this bit of info to round out my answer to the question: "Why is 'Pocket the Money!' Only $0.99?" In between the lines is an even greater question: "If the info here really can be used to save private home residents thousands, hundreds of thousands,or even millions of dollars, why are you marketing this e-booklet for less than crumbs?"
Okay. Here's your ultimate answer: Because my calling isn't premised so much as on earning a lot of money as it is on gaining and maintaining the faith, hope, and trust of a lot of people. I'm not money-oriented. Ultimately, it's not what's in your pocket which matters most. It's what's in your heart. Here's your Mercedez for the price of a lolly pop!

Hopefully, that resolves that question.
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