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R. Clint Peters was born in 1948 in a small town in central Washington State. Many people will not recognize him as R. Clint Peters, which is his pen name. Most people will know him as Ron Peters. R. Clint Peters (Ron) was first introduced to writing in high school, where he was told by his English teacher that he had an ability to write. Unfortunately, it took almost 40 years to use that ability. R. Clint Peters is the author of 7 completed novels, and at least six that are in-process. He has written several series, including The Pendergast series, The Ryce Dalton series, the Klete Wilkins series, and has started two new series, the Nixon French series, and the Brinkerford series. Additional information can be found at http://rclintpeters.wordpress.com R. Clint Peters now lives in Mesa, AZ. He likes fishing, camping and trying to grow a garden. Perhaps the best thing about growing a garden in Arizona is not having to cook the vegetables; they are cooked when they are pulled out of the ground. R. Clint Peters is the blogmaster of The Book Reviewers Club blog http://thebookreviewersclub.wordpress.com and webmaster of The Book Reviewers Club website http://thebookreviewersclub.weebly.com He can also be contacted on Twitter http://twitter.com/rclintpeters

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