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Early in life Roger decided to become a teacher and a writer. It took many years, following other paths for a time, but he did eventually fulfill both goals. He is now retired from teaching and writes full time. Roger is of mixed race, half of which is Irish and English, and he also taught students from many backgrounds. This has helped him to have an appreciation for diversity and varying points of view. Life is fascinating, he says, mostly because people make it so. Roger's parents emphasized literature and the arts at an early age, and in his youth he usually did not go anywhere without a fiction paperback in his rear pocket. Then and now, he has been a voracious reader in all genres. No wonder then that he became a teacher and a writer! He believes that years of people-watching and other experiences, deep thought about his characters, and exhaustive research and editing are the keys to writing convincingly. He loves crafting characters by leaning heavily on his own experiences challenging life, taking risks, and making mistakes along the way.

Smashwords Interview

Why do you write and who do you write for?
That's a great question, and the short answer to the first part is that I write because I grew up loving to read, and writing is my way of recreating those endless plots and characters. The stories which I read when young helped me sort out life--something I think every great story does to some extent, even when the setting is another time and place. I identified with heroes who were challenged or troubled on every side; who would risk everything to get what they wanted or solve their problems or express themselves (even when they got caught up in something not of their choosing); and who didn't have all the answers and made mistakes, but kept going. I loved stories which had a redeeming message somewhere, despite hard experiences. The stories I read were also incredibly exciting or engaging. So, I write for people who can also appreciate those things--teens through adults. I write YA and adult fiction, but I'm not sure where the lines are all the time. I also write Christian fiction, and poetry.
When did you first start writing?
I can't remember just when I began writing, because I was so young. At first, it was poetry, a love which has continued my whole life. And of course I wrote science fiction; which was of the "Starship Trooper" kind at first, but eventually matured. My seventh grade English teacher encouraged me so much (by word and also by putting 'A's on my papers), that I decided then to be a teacher and a writer, going on to major in English and Creative Writing. I got so busy living, though, that my recent novel, "Dragon's Tooth" is the first story to be published.
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