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Richelle E. Goodrich has been writing poetry, short stories, and novels since her debut in April 2012. In her twenties, she graduated from Eastern Washington University with bachelor's degrees in liberal studies and natural science / mathematics education, but she has always had a strong love of the arts. Along with writing original stories and poetry, Richelle sketches, paints, plays some piano and guitar, keeps a running blog site, and has acted in theatrical plays. Her quotes have been published in numerous places including the Oxford Philosophy Being Human course book, in eight separate Chicken Soup for the Soul books, in a Revlon magazine advertisement campaign, and on a television episode of ALONE (season 7 episode 3.)

Richelle's written works include: Smile Anyway, Making Wishes, Slaying Dragons, Being Bold, Hope Evermore, A Heart Made of Tissue Paper, The Tarishe Curse, Secrets of a Noble Key Keeper, Dandelions: The Disappearance of Annabelle Fancher, and a six-book series referred to as the Harrowbethian Saga.

This author describes herself beautifully in the following quote:
"I like bubbles in everything. I respect the power of silence. In cold or warm weather, I favor a mug of hot cocoa. I admire cats—their autonomy, grace, and mystery. I awe at the fiery colors in a sunset. I believe in deity. I hear most often with my eyes, and I will trust a facial expression before any accompanying comment. I invent rules, words, adventures, and imaginary friends. I pretend something wonderful every day. I will never quit pretending."

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