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Richard Corwin began serious writing in 1977as contributing writer, illustrator and Managing Editor of Caribe News and Reviews, a Florida based adventure and travel magazine. He has received critical acclaim for his best selling short stories which have appeared in volumes four and five of, “In Good Company,” published by Live Wire Press and “Critics Choice,” published by the Chesapeake Bay Writers.

USA Book News awarded his two anthologies of short stories, “Midnight Gates,” published in 2007 by Xlibris a partner of Random House, and "Caribbean Bones", published by Bujew Press, a Best Books Finalist award. His latest short story, "The Katy Lynn," was published by Cherokee McGhee. Many of his stories have been published in British magazines, “Hackwriters,” “Magnus,” and in “The El Ojo del Lago,” an English magazine published in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. He has worked with noted folk singer and song writer Glenn Yarbrough on “Through a Lighthouse Window,” a project of Glenn’s for future publication.

His latest project, “Caribbean Bones,” is about friends, acquaintances, a few scoundrels and others who added excitement to his experiences of working, playing, and sailing boats around the Caribbean and was awarded the USA Book News Best Books Finalist award in 2011.

After leaving his Caribbean home he continued sailing around Florida and the Bahamas. A search for exciting and different adventures took him to explore Inca ruins in the high Andes Mountains of Peru and Mexico’s tropical, jungle covered Mayan cities.
In South America he canoed down the Amazon River staying with Bora Indians, a tribe of former head hunters, hiked the Peruvian Andes to ancient Inca ruins and traveled to Lake Titicaca in the Puno district of Southern Peru where he and his wife Brenda was entertained by Shining Path guerillas. These adventures have provided inspiration for many of his short stories. Corwin now teaches classes on, "The Ancient Maya Civilization," at the College of William and Mary's Christopher Wren Association.

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