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R.M. Garino has been writing and telling stories for most of his life. Since childhood, he has been fascinated with what The Story is, how it functions, its hidden depths, and the different masks it wears. This was evident in his article, “Hemingway’s Cult of Masculinity: The Search for the Divine” (2002).

The stories also remain, queuing up and waiting for their turn to be told.

His fascination with all types of literature can be found in many of the characters in his novels and short stories. His debut novel, The Gates of Golorath (2017), begins the “Chaos of Souls” series, which reimagines the war in Heaven, and tells of the time before human history began. His second, shorter novel, Angels of Perdition (Coming Soon), tells of an even earlier time, just after the punishment of the fallen angels began. The “Protectorate of the New Apocalypse” series (expected 2018) redefines the cause of the zombie apocalypse and examines the path of human history once the unifying force of a stable civilization is removed.

Garino is known for writing crisp, character-driven stories that read like viewing a film. His world creation is vast and far-reaching, yet his prose is organic and devoid of informational dumps that mar the story. The characters are real, believable, and inspire both affection and compassion in the reader.

R.M. Garino lives in the mountains of the east coast with his wife, three children, and all the characters still waiting their turn to speak.

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