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As an author, I want to own my readers in a different way. I want to feel as if I am bringing you pleasure. You may enjoy my story, but I really want you to love the sex. The stories I write bind sex and music into an explosive orgasm. I make no apologies about my content. Sex is beautiful if it is done safe and with respect for your partner or partners. My books promote passion. As an author it is my duty to instruct and guide you towards passion. I write using a pen name because many individuals in the world are afraid of their own desires. Their fears drive them to project their issues onto other people. It is not my intent for my work to create any social distress for my family. I will limit the amount of personal information I share because it may make the prudes I know go insane. I work on my books every opportunity I get. If one seems delayed it is because an author is holding me hostage with a great story. There are many great novels coming out this summer. I will be buying all of them. Thank you for your support. Always be naughty.

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
My fans remind me that my work is important. I respect my fans and appreciate their honest feedback. When I think about pricing my work I consider my fans first. .
What are you working on next?
I am working on the first novel from the Hearts Unbound Series. It features a man and woman trying to find their way to each other after the man has experienced a heartbreaking tragedy. I will be publishing a novella from the Beacon of Sound Series around Thanksgiving.
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