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  • The White Mountain Chronicles on March 18, 2010

    I confess that I am not an objective reviewer. Full disclosure: I've known Laudizen King for half a century, and joined him for quite a few White Mountain adventures. King introduced me, some thirty years ago, to the magic of the mountains. His boundless enthusiasm and connection with the sheer joy of being one with New Hampshire's majestic terrain was infectious, and I surrendered without question to every suggestion he made that I drop everything and join him for a romp in the Whites. It is with more than a little nostalgia that I revisit those salad days. All these years later, reading Laudizen King's memories of those glorious trips, I am once again astounded by his encyclopedic knowledge of the territory and acute memory for the most minute and obscure details of the trips, the trails, the tribulations and triumphs that marked his long term love affair with the Whites. But make no mistake: The White Mountain Chronicles is much more than an account of King's adventures on the trail. It is an intimate look inside the evolution of one man's awareness of his rightful place in the natural order of things and in the world of man. Read this book to learn or relearn the realities of committed mountain hiking and the glory of the White Mountains. Read it again, between the lines, and be richer for it.