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  • Seven on Feb. 10, 2023

    Taboo erotica? What taboo? It’s just sweet, caring, useful-Magic erotica. You know, to help make flowers grow and prevent destructive weather and the like. Help humanity. With multi-orgasmic sex. In a threesome. With a little demonic help. There’s nothing wrong with that 😇 As usual, Daniel May wrote something super sweet and super hot and a little spicy. Just the right amount of spicy. Maybe excessively hot.
  • The Star Children on Feb. 10, 2023

    I’m totally invested. I love Dr. Zhen Xiai. I love the world that this story takes place in. I love the characters Xi Gua (ha ha. Xigua) and Song Bao. I love all their interactions. I love the aliens. If I’m not being very coherent, it’s because I’m worried about Xiai and the eggs. I love them.
  • Off Limits on Dec. 12, 2023

    I don’t know how many times I’ve read this already. It’s crazy hot and awesome. It’s definitely not Sweet Romance, but it’s super sexy and full of love. Kinda. Enough love to make me keep coming back again and again, anyway 😝. And it’s funny. I love Milo!