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  • A Dozen Steps Through Hel on Aug. 18, 2012

    I admire the craft of these poems, but it is difficult to fully understand their meaning without further researching obscure mythology. Needs a glossary of important terms. The sample western was very good and much more accessible. I will get that.
  • Muninn, Marquis de Reminisce on April 14, 2014

    Even though I have had the pleasure of reading many of these poems online as Beach wrote them, I am still very impressed with what he manages to communicate and share when writing in this format. (The poem with his father's death, in particular brings tears to me.) I am glad that Beach has collected his work in this volume. I can certainly recommend them to new readers.
  • Ship Ragged on Oct. 04, 2015

    Mr. Beach’s rhyming poems bring me pleasure, even when he barks a vague universal message. His best efforts are when he serves up small warm slices like in his “At Brett’s” sequence or when he compares bad internet service with his mom’s epilepsy or when he’s playing neighborhood baseball. These really brightened my day.
  • Non-stop To Nowhere on Oct. 02, 2016

    A decent story and interesting voices. I would have ended it a bit sooner, cutting the last portion. Less is more here, I think.
  • Thread. Bare. on Oct. 02, 2016

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect, so I kept reading, kept being pulled along with the thread.
  • The Missed Creations and Other Stories on Oct. 02, 2016

    These are stories about people with monsters in them. Rarely what I expected so I like them. The stories vary -- sometimes heavy in detail sometimes just characters conversing. I like thinking as I read thinking afterwards and knowing I was entertained. The author teaches like this as well and he’s funny-weird, engaging. I took classes from him while working on my Networking degree. I look forward to reading this book again and anything else he publishes.
  • Value Received on Oct. 03, 2016

    I took advantage of the Set your own price in order to write a separate review since I just bought this story in another collection. Value Received is a western about gold mining in the 19th century. There is a zombie element but it is one part of a larger story featuring many many characters. The characters are the story how the relationships between pairs of them intermingle. Chapters are very short the scenes switch often. I was not off put by the fast stream. The important moments have collected heavy like gold. My favorite leading men are Tenjack and Magic Dog. I know nothing about Indians or horses but both of them were real to me. The strongest character Beccalynn a woman manages to be the most powerful force. Without even being there she saves at least three men from death and maybe a fourth from undeath. That’s yet to be seen hopefully in a sequel.