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  • Hunter's Beginning on March 16, 2013

    As the first book in an intended series this really introduces us to Kile Veller as she sets out to become a Hunter. But first she has to pass the entry examination. Things have changed since the early days of the guild and few females are admitted to the Hunter's ranks, in fact females are actively discouraged. But Hunter may be small but she is brave, clever and stubborn. She finds she has friends though they are slow to find her. She also has supporters in the Hunter's ranks. Her hero is Erin Silvia a huntress that found her as a lost eight year old, away from her home village. Though Erin is forbidden from actively helping Kile she does have influence. Kile is also led to discover that there have been many clever and prominent female hunters from the past. But why are their portraits hidden away in a secret room? Kile discovers her Hunter's edge - for her a unique and astounding ability that only a few come to know. This really is a journey that you'll want to join as Kile finishes her first year at the school. Will she be able to realise a potential that threatens to turn the sadly declining Guild of Hunters on its head and revitalise the interest of girls wishing to join? Kile's journey promises to be interesting, exciting and fraught with danger. Ralph Clulow