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Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Serebryanski is known simply to his friends as "Rabbi Yossi." Behind that simplicity lies a complexity of understanding and analysis of Torah and creation that brings joy and warmth to those who immerse themselves in his teachings.

A true friend and confidante to thousands of people who turn to him weekly for guidance and wisdom, Rabbi Yossi is renowned for his compassion and open heart to all who enter his scope.
In his professional career Rabbi Yossi is a teacher, lecturer, mashgiach, published author, spiritual healer, professional counselor and guide. In his daily life he is just Rabbi Yossi - a highly perceptual and loving friend to all.

Born in Melbourne Australia. Growing up in a religious structure, living and studying structure while in soul beyond structure. After many years of journey learning the balance in many areas of the ins and outs of creation. An ancient soul doing its work in this realm and keeping a constant opening to beyond. “Living in my heart but physically in NY. Does counseling, healing, workshops, and lectures.

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