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  • The Foxhole Court on July 03, 2020

    I actually came to learn of the existence of this series All For The Game through pinterest. I was searching for inspiring couples and i found alot of Neil-Andrew art. It got me curious and i eventually found out about the books. Having gone thus far, i decided to give the foxhole court a read and see whether the trilogy was worth a shot. Pleased to is. I love it. I came for the pinterest-famed Neil-Andrew art and fell inlove with exy, with the character dynamics and with the storyline as well. What more can i say? Five Stars
  • The Raven King on July 03, 2020

    Having finished The Foxhole court, nothing else would do but satisfy my curiosity and immediately purchase The Raven King here on Smashswords. Having done so (and thanks for the pocket friendly pricing), i wasted no time ripping this middle book apart and i love it. The stakes feel so high i couldn't help but hold my breathe at times in anticipation. I actually did not understand what the hype was around Andrew. He was more towards the unlikeable side for me in the first book. However, i felt i got to know this complex character more in this book. I actually got to know all the characters better in this book. The storyline held steady and my boy Neil only grew more in my heart. Once again...five stars. Just bought The King's Man today after finishing this middle book. Im off to read it and give my review on the third book next. FIVE STARS
  • The King's Men on July 04, 2020

    The King's men definately is the icing on the cake that is the All For The Game trilogy. The stakes had my heart racing, both on the court and off court. Never thought i would invest emotionally in any sport but i did, i did invest in Exy. The matches were definately one of the highlights of the books. Watching the personal and professional dynamics of the fox players play out, threatening to break the team apart or unite them is another higlight. And in the center of this complex dynamic is Neil. Neil, the fixer. Neil, the man who needs fixing. Watching Neil navigate the problems of his teammates is the second most interesting highlight. (take a shot every time you stumble across the word highlight...or maybe down cracker dust LOL) Then there is Neil-Andrew Then there i Allow me to ramble a bit about putting myself in Neil's shoes as it relates to his relationship with Andrew. Their relationship is definately one tense and angsty relationship, full of rotten ice and holding back. Its not surprising considering the baggage these two have. Nonetheless, i do wonder if i had the emotional tolerance Neil has in handling such a withdrawn and aloof guy like Andrew. This guy is lke the anti-Prince Charming. Then again, Neil is far...far from perfect. So, idk. There was no specific point to this part, just me rambling Anyways, I stan 100% Neil-Andrew. If you are reading my review, please read the book to understand more about this complex couple and the world that they live in full of action, intrigue, suspense and the ever looming threat of death.