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  • Fire on May 24, 2013

    LOVED IT! ------------------------------------------------------------ I'd love to leave this review as just that comment but I was asked for a review so I feel I should at least try and explain what I loved about Fire. :) Firstly though I would like to thank YA/NA Fanatics (previously YA Readers Lounge) and Heather James for providing me with this copy to review. Sooo what I loved: This story reminded me of Avatar - (the cartoon series not the James Cameron film) - the last airbender one. There are 4 different cultures each protected by a select group of people with special abilities to control an element. In a similar way to Avatar - the fire realm are trying to control all the other elements. Their obsession with power and competitive 'firey' nature causes them to call a meeting where they use a 'special power' to try and take control of the other realms. Brae, Prince of the Arcan (Wind Element) Realm, is a delegate at the meeting. Roxanne, Princess of the Helian (Fire) Realm, is ordered to follow and befriend Brae, make him trust her, to make him more easily manipulated. However what they don't know is that Brae's friend Jasmine has a secret, a power that the Helian's haven't prepared for. I must warn you there is a Love Triangle in this one - it is obvious, you will see it coming but I didn't actually mind. This one made sense. I loved the characters. Jasmine took a while to grow on me, I found her a little whiney at the beginning but I liked the way she grew as her character was challenged. I Loved Roxanne, she was so mean and selfish but she as well gradually changed. The only reason I gave this book 4*s was because I can't wait for the next book and I anticipate it being amazing so I wanted to give it somewhere aim for :) Well done Heather James - a great start to a series.