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Rachel Whitley lives with her cat, Cissybell. She is only mildly disturbed that Cissybell's intelligence appears to surpass her own intellect by a wide margin. Psychedelic music intrigues her, nature soothes and fascinates her, and positivity shapes her world.

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Smashwords book reviews by Rachel Whitley

  • On The Gathering Storm on March 09, 2011

    Horrific, intense, magnetic! 'On the Gathering Storm' is an all-too-real tale of terror, abduction, and one woman's will to survive. Jason Mcintyre's portrayal of Hannah Garretty is so compelling, that it's impossible to stop reading her story, even as the horrific scenes made me wish I'd never opened the book. Hannah becomes a real person, not just a character in a novel, and it's this facet of Mcintyre's craftsmanship that kept me turning the pages. The first few chapters seem a bit slow and overly detailed, but as the story progresses, those earlier paragraphs crystalize into a picture of Hannah's mindset and motivations. During her imprisonment, Hannah's narrative, in the form of stream-of-consciousness, is unsettling, because it's all too easy to imagine oneself in that situation. I don't want to give away any of the plot, but the ending of the novel is startling! It turned a predictable plot, into something unforgettable. 'On the Gathering Storm' is not for readers who are disturbed by graphic violence. Otherwise, this book is for anyone who loves characters that become real people in the space of a novel, psychological suspense, and surprise endings.
  • Snake Walkers on March 11, 2011

    A sweeping and powerful novel, 'Snake Walkers' illuminates racism's dark past, and one young man's triumph over it. The protagonist, Anthony, is such a genuine presence, that i felt physically ill when I read of the attrocities he witnessed in the woods. His struggles and eventual triumph over his demons are treated with grace and dignity, so that I felt humbled and uplifted as I turned the final page. I am in awe of the fact that this is J. Everett Dewitt's first novel. The thing that sets this book apart from many other detailed accounts of the horrors of racism is its ability to paint the lives of the characters in such a realistic light, and it is their humanity that makes the reader love them. A purchase of this book is money well spent!
  • Smashwords Book Marketing Guide on March 14, 2011

    There are so many innovative suggestions in this guide! It's clear, concise, and a must-read for anyone who wants an eBook to be a success in the online marketplace.
  • Writer's Companion on Dec. 14, 2011
    (no rating)
    *five stars!* In movies or television, when a character experiences an epiphany, there's always a sound that accompanies his or her moment of enlightenment. It's like a choir of angels singing, thousands of ethereal voices raised in a perfect harmony of rejoicing that the long-sought answer has been revealed. I heard that sound as I read the contents of this masterwork on the art and craft of writing. "Writer's Companion" is as comprehensive as a reference book could ever hope to be, with the unusual benefit of readability. Countless texts have covered grammar, syntax, common writing mistakes, plot, characterization, pacing, and all the other necessities of successful written communication, but few, if any, have managed to convey them with such warmth and wit. This book will accompany the writer from the first outlines of a plot, to the first draft, on through the many revisions, past the finished product, up to the query letter, and all the way to publication. With concise and easy-to-read advice and fun examples, the mysteries of good writing are clarified into applicable principles that will enhance a third-grader's first research paper or an aspiring author's first novel. This one will never gather dust on a shelf. It's useful for all types of writing, and writers of all levels of proficiency, and this is one of those books in which something new will be learned every time it's opened. The serious writer may gather many reference books and style guides along the way, but this is a "must have", and possibly the best one of all.