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Ради Тодоров Радев е роден в Кърджали на 08.11.1977 г. Започва да пише фантастика на 17 години. До момента е публикувал над 60 разказа и статии. По-известни негови творби са: "Изповед" - разказ, награден от сп. "Зона Ф" (1998) , награден от Better Carma Writing Contest, публикуван също в сб. "Лaската на Мрака" (изд. "Аргус"); "Сеансът" - разказ, награден от сп. "Зона Ф" (1999); "Грижовна дъщеря" - разказ, публикуван в американското електронно сп. "Нюктаун" (2000); "Стратегия в абстрактно време" - трета награда на конкурса за фантастичен разказ на сп. "PC Magazine България" (2001); "Глад" - разказ, публикуван във в. "Литературен форум" (2001); "Камъни" - разказ, публикуван в антологията "Точка на пристигане" (изд. "Квазар"); "Клубовете за научна фантастика в България" - статия, публикувана в американското списание "Локус" (2003); "Български НФ Новини" - статия, публикувана в списание "Локус" (2003); "Магазин за злоба" - разказ, носител на Втора награда от национален студентски конкурс "Шумен 2004". Автор е на сборника с разкази "Човек без магия" (2006). Номиниран е на конкурса "Южна Пролет".

Radi Todorov Radev is a writer, journalist and a popularizer of science fiction. He has published more than 70 stories and articles in the following newspapers:
"Capital", "Money," "Uchitelsko Delo ", "Literary Forum", "Muscle and Fitness", and also in the magazines "Eight", "Zone F", "Locus" / USA / and "PC Magazine Bulgaria".
Two editions of his short story collection "A man without magic" were printed and their issues were completely sold out.
The most famous of his works are:
"Confession" - short story awarded in 1998 by the magazine "Zona F", awarded by the Better Karma Writing Contest, also published in the collection "Caress of the Darkness" (Ed. "Argus").
"The Seance" - short story awarded in 1999 by the magazine "Zona F". "Caring daughter" - a story published in 2000 in the U.S. online magazine "Nuketown."
"Strategy in abstract time" - third prize in the competition for a fantastic story of the magazine "PC Magazine Bulgaria" 2001
"Hunger" - a story published in 2001 in "Literary Forum" newspaper. "Stones" - a story published in the anthology "Point of Arrival" (Quasar Publishing House, 2002)
"Science fiction clubs in Bulgaria" - article published in May 2003 in the American magazine "Locus".
"Bulgarian Sci-Fi News" - an article published in August 2003 in the American magazine "Locus"
"Rancor Shop" - short story won second prize in a national student competition "Shumen 2004".
Radi Radev is the coordinating agent for Bulgaria for WorldCon 2005, held in Glasgow, Scotland.
In November 2007 the short story "Wet Weather" got a special prize for the author from Kardjali, after his participation in the national competition to write a sci-fi story in the name of Nikola Kesarovski.
The story "Piano" was awarded at the First National Contest "FANTASTIC ART - BURGAS'2008."
"Stones" - short story published in June 2012 in the Ukrainian magazine "UFO - Ukrainian Fantastic Observer".
Radi Radev is the creator of the Facebook group Science Fiction Bulgaria.
His works have been translated into five languages.

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Човек без магия
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 8,430. Language: Bulgarian. Published: July 25, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
Разказ в жанр фентъзи. Получил е поощрителна награда от конкурс на издателство "Квазар".

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