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  • After the Storm on Feb. 06, 2020

    This is a real treat and almost impossible to put down! It's difficult to explain just how very satisfying it is to read without spoiling anything that happens. Suffice to say that the protagonist is incredibly likeable and provoked a huge number of "Oh, sweetheart, no!" responses from me as the scope of his history revealed itself. Then as I read on, each one was eventually turned into an enthusiastic, fist-pumping "YES!" It's a beautiful journey of healing mixed in with some incredibly good sex scenes. It's got family, found and otherwise. It's got geeks. It's got boats. It's got kittens. If you like any of these things even a little, do yourself the immense favor of reading this.
  • Heart of Stone on Jan. 30, 2024

    First: I read it basically without stopping as soon as I picked it up. The pace of the story isn't hectic or anything -- it's just THAT good. (I am also deeply weak to high-quality pining and slow-burn romance!) The prose is lovely, all the old-fashioned flavor you could want while still being a perfectly comfortable read to the modern eye. While the story is very much focused on the relationship, the larger world and worldbuilding has some delightful and enticing details. You get quite a bit of information about vampires, of course, but there's other magical people and practices that are only tantalizing mentions in passing. Absolutely best of all, the romance. The fact that the leads both genuinely like each other from very early on is fantastic. They both have flaws, and indeed we get a pretty clear idea of how people in general might dislike either one, but they suit each other so very well! They're not perfect, but they're perfect for each other. Also, they both get some room to grow as the story goes on, particularly Theophilus. Watching him gain confidence and come into his own did very good things for my heart.
  • Love Kills Twice on May 06, 2024

    Devoured this in one sitting! The main characters are excellent and have instant chemistry, while the assassination target is so delightfully scummy that you'll be rooting for him to kick the bucket. Sex scenes are gorgeous and well-balanced against the plot so you never go too far between but tension is maintained. Solid happy ending that offers some unexpected joys beyond even just the romance. The nonbinary character is fantastic and handled so, so well. (Also, so ridiculously hot. I am in complete agreement with the other main character on this point!)