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Smashwords book reviews by RaindropSoup

  • Weaver Of Darkness on Oct. 02, 2012

    **2.5 STARS** Courtesy of the author, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and, quite honestly, ended up liking it—but ONLY after trudging through the first half the book. While the beginning is okay—with the prologue of the Raggedy Ann Doll saving it and offering promise—the second half is fantastic. The plot direction, Liss's true history, and every player's role are revealed at the halfway mark and can only be described as fairytale-like. Being that Liss and all her friends are writers (or "tale spinners"), it's apt and made me gush a little. The flow and dialogue improve—though yes, you should still expect the teenage pity-party and "forgive me/why me" conversations from Liss often. I didn't connect with the her as much as I would've liked. She's not a "strong" female protagonist; she whined a bit too much for my taste, and I felt I was being told who she was than actually seeing it. Yet, it's Liss's band of friends and their loyalty to her despite her faults that truly kept me reading. I fell in love with a few of them. Their personalities are much better developed than Liss's, and I'm contemplating getting the companion book, "Restless Highways," just so I can read more of Hunter, Raven, and Cedric. "Weaver of Darkness" isn't perfect, but Webb weaved some chilling scenes, wrote some great one-liners, and presented a couple twists and a good love triangle. A CONTENT WARNING: Mentions suicide