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Despite winning writing awards in college, Randi Rogue waited to pursue publishing until after dabbling in the calamities of her twenties, an enduring marriage, and an impetuous (though long pined for) move to New York City that further busied up her already unruly life. Tele-prompting a Nook release party then prompted her to ante up with this writing business, thus resulting in All Wallows’ Eve and Beatific. Never one to sit still and quiet for very long, she then produced her first angel-imp child, thereby topping it all off with more adorable—and sometimes frustrating—chaos. To accommodate, writing tripped gracelessly lower on her to-do list.

However, now that she is armed with a toddler-whisperer babysitter-slash-assistant, her fingers are dashing away on the keys of her computer again so more books should be available before the Big Apple touches down for 2015. Perhaps, if her efforts prevail, even before Halloween.

Want to join in on her travails and frivolity? Visit her blog (www.Randirogue.blogspot.com) and 140-or-less her on Twitter (twitter.com/Randirogue), where, betwixt the whirlwind schedules of writing and caring for the wee angel-imp (which mostly amounts to cleaning after her, marveling over her growth and achievements, and emitting daily desperate pleas that she please, please go to sleep), Randi Rogue shares publishing updates as well as unsolicited nonsense of a life she considers to be perpetually under construction.

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All Wallows' Eve (A Blood Kin Vampires Book Bite)
Price: Free! Words: 13,190. Language: English. Published: October 30, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
I thought I was competing for a promotion, but what I got was something way better. I, Constance, got transformed into a creature of nightmare imaginaries. I was on my way to being inducted into Psylas' Niche within the Blood Kin—a complex vampire hierarchy wrought of intrigue and danger. While I'd fantasized about such absurdities, they had been vastly beyond my mediocre reality. Until now.

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