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  • Called on May 20, 2011
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    There are so many things that we do not understand in life. As seemingly “limited” souls, living in this 3D reality…I have always known that we are UNLIMITED in our true nature. I have always known that we, as souls, impose our own limitations upon ourselves…having “forgotten” who and what we truly ARE. When I first read “CALLED” I instinctively knew that, for me, this was TRUTH. (MAJOR CHILLS included) (smile). What if there ARE those HERE NOW to assist us? What if we ARE truly a part of a much bigger picture/plan in the Universe and we have only forgotten? What if we have been taught things, and “fed” things, that have made us believe that we, as unlimited souls…are limited. What if we have been kept in the dark about our own true, personal power? I believe ALL of these things: “CALLED,” serves as a HUGE reminder, guide, and wake-up call, urging Humankind to remember. Not only for ourselves and for our planet, but to make the connection that was lost long ago; the connection between ourselves and our universal brothers and sisters. Our true family. I believe CALLED helps us to release the fear of something we should have no fear of at all. Something that is truly beautiful, filled with Grace and most importantly Heart-centered. These are the beings that we are taught to fear? We have, as a society, been taught to fear truly loving souls. We have been taught things that keep us in that fear…that keep us in the belief that we are nothing more than what we; here in the physical aspect of ourselves are. CALLED shows us that we are NOT alone. That we never were. That all it takes is for us to open our hearts, release the fear and become what we truly are ... powerful, loving, Grace-filled beings. It's time to take a step forward in our spiritual evolution by taking the hand of our brothers and sisters who come from the Stars. There is NO separation. We are kept in that belief purposely to keep this planet veiled in the illusion of “darkness” and “lies” ……Our ET friends know all of this and they wish nothing more than to help. CALLED helps us remember that, as humans be-ing we have free will. We are the ONLY ones responsible for what we see “out there” in our world and therefore, we are the ONLY ones who can choose to make the shift towards Love and not fear. That change comes from within ourselves and CALLED helps us find the way.. In my humble opinion, if everyone on this planet read this book our world would change, literally overnight. As the author tells us; what is contained within the pages of CALLED was given by extraterrestrials. The higher dimensional truths are evident on every page. The vibration/tone of the information is completely unmistakable and undeniable. After reading Called and the timeless truths that it contains, it is obvious we are left with a choice … to be kept in the dark, in fear of our true identity ... or reestablish our connections with our cosmic family by opening our hearts, living as Love and realizing that there is no separation between any of us. At a crucial time in our personal evolution and for the love of our planet ... what will you choose, when you are CALLED? With Love for All things, as All things Are Us. Thank You, Lauren, for this beautiful gift of “CALLED," in the form of a book that truly has the power to bring more truth, light and love into our world ... if only we will accept it.
  • Called on May 20, 2011