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  • Rapture Happened, Left Behind, What's Next!: Tribulation Period Survival Guide on Oct. 08, 2011
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    I am extremely impressed with this Tribulation Survival Guide, and recommended it as part of my "after rapture packet" recommendations on my youtube channel and to friends. After it discusses salvation through Jesus and the prophetic signs of what's to come upon the earth (the Revelations stuff), it then gives the reader specifics on stuff like food storage, water purification, where to relocate to, etc. That was cool - survival first through Jesus, but then also giving people specifics since the Tribulation period will be hell on earth. I've followed Terry Malone's youtube ministry for the past year, and he is very moved by the Holy Spirit to warn us as to the times we live in. If the rapture has occurred, and you're still here on earth, then you absolutely need to read this book! Thanks, Terry. God bless you.