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  • The Gate - Things my Mother told me. on April 06, 2014

    The Gate: Things My Mother Told Me is a beautiful memoir and an exceptional experience of a lady, Mrs. Kordos, meeting with her own mortality through the face of Alzheimer’s. Author Stan I.S. Law brings us the story Mrs. Kordos, written from her perspective. In the spirit of love and mindfulness she records her experiences and guidance. We learn of the love affair between her and her husband Jan, (Whom affectionately refers to her as Mimi, a Puccini reference). We learn of the love and relationships with her children. We learn her thoughts and feelings on a variety of subjects all with keen interest and profound insight. It comes with a raw honesty that is not only striking but captivating. As we read these private thoughts and emotions we are filled with so many of our own feelings and insights. The dialogue is beautifully composed with humor and seriousness conveying with perfect fluidity the gravity of each moment. To experience something so real, moving and meaningful is a gift. I highly recommend it!
  • Yeshua - Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus on April 08, 2014

    Yeshua is an enlightening story of Jesus’ life during the ages of 12 to 30. Stan I.S. Law brings to life this remarkable journey of travels, enlightenment, love, friendship, and passion of Yeshua (Jesus) during the 18 years not mentioned in the bible. Stan I.S. Law’s illustrates with vivid intensity the playful innocence and insatiable quest for knowledge that existed in Yeshua. As he travels with Satya he is exposed to different religions and cultures. The friendship between Yeshua and Satya deepen and pull at our very heart. We come to love Yeshua as his disciples and Satya loved him. We come to feel their pain and the pain of his parents at his loss. This is a beautiful book that transmits the story of this holy man in a sensitive and profound manner that shines upon the realities faced by Yeshua in his human form as his journey takes him from boy to man but also to teacher and leader. It brings with it a deeper understanding and feeling of compassion and forgiveness. I highly recommend it!
  • Peter and Paul on April 12, 2014

    Peter and Paul is an intriguing and intellectual examination and recreation of the lives of the Apostles Peter and Paul. In this book Stan I.S. Law uses historical and spiritual texts (and some contemplative imagination) to recreate the life and journeys of these two very different men. We learn who they were, the different world they lived in, what moved them, inspired them and how they took their different paths to instilling what they learned from Jesus. We meet many historical figures through this book and learn of them all in a more human and enlightening manner. The weaknesses and strengths that humankind is endowed with and what will bring out our power to invoke these attributes and frailties is a remarkable thing. To be able to explain a man’s life in a way that makes sense and creates a whole picture is a remarkable feat. Stan I.S. Law has a genuine talent for such feats. I highly recommend it!
  • ELOHIM-Masters & Minions [Winston Trilogy Book Two] on April 14, 2014

    Elohim – Masters & Minions is the second book of the Winston Trilogy. It continues with the story of Dr. Peter Thornton and his life experiences related to his gift (or curse) of healing. Since discovering his power of healing Peter’s life has been turned upside down. No longer able to practice medicine and with a mob lurking Peter has locked himself away. With the death of his brother and Peter’s predicament, he decided to move in with his sister-in-law Ruth Thornton, her children Jonathan and Moira Thornton and her butler (among other things), Winston Smith. Elohim continues on with Peter’s realizations and growth. There is international intrigue, religion, esoteric observations, science, nanotechnology, androids, romance, philosophy and more. Stan I.S. Law has bested himself with this sequel to One Just Man. He paints with intense detail and a wide pallet of colors in this intelligent story full of many moving parts. The science is illuminating, the philosophy intriguing and the human element brilliant. Winston is an amazing character that I think everyone should know. I highly recommend it! And I look forward to reading the third and final book of the Winston Trilogy.
  • Winston's Kingdom [Winston Trilogy Book III] on April 18, 2014

    In Winston’s Kingdom we reach the culmination of the Winston trilogy in a thrilling and thought provoking manner. Much like the other two books in this trilogy we experience the wide range of human experiences such as love, romance, growth, spirituality, and the acceptance and development of our gifts. Stan I.S. Law uses his unique talent of engaging and conveying the whole of a man’s world to explore metaphysics in a believable reality. All of the characters are beautifully constructed and lend significant weight to the overall story. Winston is my favorite, a remarkable character that illuminates and inspires. After reading the entire trilogy you see the potential and growth faced by and accomplished by these superb characters. You will also have gained quite a bit of scientific knowledge. While this book and the series are in no way light reading it is surely worthwhile reading. For an entertaining and transforming experience, I highly recommend it!
  • Alexander [Alexander Trilogy Book Two] on April 22, 2014

    Alexander is the second book in the Alexander trilogy though it reads well on its own if you choose to start here. Alec having just earned his master’s degree is about to set out for his doctorate. He is struggling with his abilities to traverse time and space while being a student of physics and knowing that it defies current logic. Suzy (wife and childhood love) begs to differ as she has witnessed the happenings. Alec earns his doctorate and continues to struggle with letting go of his abilities and Princess Sandra (his childhood guide through the unknown). As Suzy and Alec marry and have a child, Sacha, (who obviously has abilities of his own) they will explore more of this scientifically unexplainable ability. Love, romance, family, adventure, fantasy and science rule in this fascinating story of a man who strives to reconcile his reality and his knowledge. Author Stan I.S. Law will take you to places you never imagined and help you to explore enchanting thoughts and possibilities. I highly recommend it!
  • Alec [Alexander Trilogy Book One] on April 26, 2014

    Alec is the first book in the Alexander trilogy. It is the story of Alec, who is a teenager coming to age, and his explorations through the power of his mind. In this story Alec discovers Princess Sandra and she helps him discover the special powers Alec is able to tap into. Princess Sandra explains courage is the only requirement to unleashing this ability and through Alec’s courage he is now granted access to uncover these powers. As Princess Sandra nurtures Alec he is able to fully explore the ability to create in his mind and therefore in reality. We follow them on many adventures all over time and space. Author Stan I.S. Law brings us this truly inspiring story of human potential and the importance of having a companion to nurture and support our explorations. Full of family, love, adventure, passion and self-discovery this is a must read. I highly recommend it!
  • Sacha—The Way Back (Alexander Trilogy Book Three) on April 30, 2014

    Sacha is the astounding last book of the Alexander trilogy. Suzy discovers her son has amazing abilities when he is 10 years old. She notices that he can move in unearthly ways and that he can disappear as well as his uncanny understanding of things at a young age. While her son Sacha, and his father Alexander (Alec), try to convince her that everything is okay, Suzy (a mother), worries for her family and rightfully so. When Sacha’s true destiny is discovered it is a challenge bigger than anyone could imagine. Author Stan I.S. Law delivers the thrilling and emotional ending of this fascinating and insightful trilogy. He brings his talent to the forefront creating these complex and lovable characters to transmit the philosophical meaning behind it all. The story is steeped in challenge, science, art, love, romance, family, the esoteric, religion, faith and destiny. I highly recommend it for a thought-provoking and profound experience!
  • The Jewel and Other Stories on May 04, 2014

    With The Jewel, Author Stan I.S. Law has illustrated his talent for bringing forth powerful emotion and human connectivity in the forum of short stories with the same tenacity and excellence we have experienced in his longer stories. In this alluring and captivating collection of short stories, Author Stan I.S. Law delivers us magic and beauty. There are stories of love, friendship, children and other worldly events, each unique and contemplative. Of my favorite are Stuffed Panda, Lovers and A Man Who Couldn’t Die. Stuffed Panda is a beautiful story that will touch the heart of any mother. Lovers is a somewhat tragic yet also beautiful tale that will find the romantic in you. A Man Who Couldn’t Die is thought-provoking and enlightening. In this enticing set of short stories, Stan I.S. Law is able to create an intensely felt scenario and conclude it with warmth and finality. I highly recommend it!
  • Beyond Religion Volume I on May 20, 2014

    Beyond Religion I is a fascinating and insightful glimpse into spirituality. While religion is structured and more absolute, spirituality allows for the ability to believe in God without having to necessarily subscribe to a religion. This book provides endless details and references that allow for a more comprehensive understanding of biblical references. Author Stanislaw Kapuscinkski has provided a thorough and exhaustive dialogue on God. Kapuscinkski's insight into the many aspects of heaven and earth including science, religion and the significant ability we are blessed with – freedom of thought, brings us a thought provoking text that allows the mind to wander through endless possibilities. Stanislaw Kapuscinkski's thoughts are exposed here with a brilliant voice that supports a foundation to wander for yourself. His humor keeps the subject matter light and inviting while his revelations are inspiring and life changing. I highly recommend it!
  • The Avatar Syndrome on May 24, 2014

    Avatar Syndrome is an enlightening and thought-provoking journey that marries science and fiction with perfect precision to bring us a thoroughly entertaining story. Author Stan I.S. Law uses humor and wit to keep the story fresh and gripping as you experience his world page by page. What I love about Stan I.S. Law’s work is you always learn something and it leaves you pondering long after you have finished the story. While this is fiction there is tremendous truth to it. Stan I.S. Law’s incredible background in science and religious studies provides him the unique ability to take us on a ride that is both educational and thought-provoking. Anne is a complex and enduring character that melts our hearts right from the start with her intriguing nature. When Anne and Dr. John Brent (Director of Montreal Neurological Institute) come together to explore nuances of the brain, Anne’s special situation and the effects of dementia as they delve into the realities faced by this phenomenon and its implications. For a rewarding experience and fascinating adventure into the power of the mind I highly recommend it!
  • The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter on May 26, 2014

    The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter thrills with mystery, intrigue and suspense as we are guided by Holy Ghost Writer through a future where so much is controlled by the International Government (including hair and make-up). When Zeddy’s dad Zane mysteriously disappears, Zeddy and his mother Zadie go in search of him. With plenty of suspense and adventure along the way Holy Ghost Writer creates an entertaining and gripping read. This book is appropriate for children and yet is actually quite enjoyable for adults as well. I highly recommend it!
  • Gift of Gamman on June 12, 2014

    Gift of Gamman is a thought-provoking science fiction thriller but it doesn’t end there. This story encompasses many genres as an original and gripping read. It is important in this story to read the prologue. If this is something you normally skip you would be remiss to do that with this story. Adam Blake awakes after nearly 50 years of deep slumber to find he has arrived at his destination. On a one way mission to collect data for the United Planets Federation of a peculiar black hole the ship would collect the necessary data while Adam would add to it human observation and insight. Only once Adam arrives he finds that what he expected to happen - what should be happening - is not happening. What happens next is a fascinating exploration into a reality where energy is manipulated but our consciousness remains. Adam is able to transverse time and space in an epic journey that could only be brought to us by Stan I.S. Law. Author Stan I.S. Law has outdone himself with Gift of Gamman. This story not only engages science fiction but spirituality, love, adventure, history and hope. As Adam chooses to return to earth and inhabit the body of John Galt he experiences even further awakenings. He is exposed to an alien race that is enigmatic and intriguing. John-Adam finds enlightenment in the esoteric. The story has incredible characters, scenery and dialogue. The humor and seriousness flow together beautifully. The underlying possibilities fill us with wonder and intrigue. The ending is beautiful and hopeful. I highly recommend it!
  • Now - Being and Becoming on June 22, 2014

    Now – Being & Becoming is an amazing journey through one man’s thoughts and experiences after a life altering experience. Stan I.S. Law brings us the story of John. When John is in an accident he is seriously hurt. His consciousness stays behind at the scene of the accident while his body is transported via ambulance to the hospital. He believes he has died and starts to think about life and about his wife Ruth. He thinks she will be mad at him, that she told him not to have that second scotch even though it was likely a pothole that caused the accident. John goes on to ponder his life and whether he is, at the moment, still alive. The narration flows naturally as if they were your own thoughts drawing you hypnotically into the story. Through John we begin to feel as though we know Ruth and begin to feel compassion for how this experience will affect her. The tenderness that exists between John and Ruth is beautiful and amazing. As the story progresses John is introduced to deeper thoughts and experiences involving science, religion and faith. Law’s ability to create a story that transcends the typical boundaries never ceases to amaze me. He has an uncanny ability to build a whole world around you that you are completely immersed in. Everything comes to life - the scenery, the noises, tastes, smells, thoughts, feelings, science, urgency and so much more as John exposes every thought and experience he has. For an unparalleled experience, I highly recommend it!
  • Headless World—Book Two of the Avatar Trilogy on July 08, 2014

    Headless World is a thrilling adventure unlike any other. In typical Stan I.S. Law fashion we are astonished by his ability to combine the mystical, religion, science and fiction in the most captivating and entertaining manner. From start to finish this story will have you in suspense, revelation and finally in awe. Author Stan I.S. Law offers us a sequel to the Avatar Syndrome where once again we meet up with Anne and her family. This time they will be exploring a shocking power struggle. Law’s characters are fully developed lending tremendous weight to his story. Their dialogue is natural and revealing of their personalities. Law’s ability to inject humor into otherwise serious plots makes for a fun read and attachment to specific personalities. I am always impressed by the amount of detail that goes into Law’s stories allowing me to fully appreciate his vision from situations, people, places and cities. They are all vividly present in my mind. This action packed storyline had me on the edge of my seat until arriving at a brilliant climax. I highly recommend this story and this author!
  • 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story on July 10, 2014

    100 Bigfoot Nights is a thrilling true story about a family that experiences dangerous creatures outside of their home. Author Christine D. Parker chronicles the days and nights her family experiences from shortly before Halloween until Christmas. When Dean retires from the military he and Christine settle down in a home of their own. A fixer upper with potential they are happy to have a place to plant some roots. Soon they discover there is something special about the house they have purchased. They are visited by Bigfoots and other scary creatures that live in the forest near their home. Initially, Christine, Dean and their 22 year old son Jack investigate but soon find out that the animal is unlike anything they could have thought. Lucky for them their neighbor Mr. Hill offers some valuable advice and guidance, unfortunately some of it comes too late. Parker describes the story in vivid detail. The dialogue is captivating and suspenseful. Her narration includes a lot of interesting facts that I was not aware of prior to reading this book. Parker’s use of photographs add validity and horror to her family’s ordeal. The picture of the bigfoot foot print in the dried mud was particularly shocking. For a terrifying and revealing experience, I highly recommend it!
  • Cats & Dogs Series (Complete+) on July 18, 2014

    Cats & Dogs Series is a collection of stories as told by a cat or dog. Author Stan I.S. Law’s eccentric tales from the perspective of dogs and cats introduces an alternate society with different rules and hierarchies. The writing is eloquent and pleasurable as Stan I.S. Law takes us deep into the thoughts and experiences of lovable pets. I have been a fan of Stan I.S. Law for some time now but I have to say his ability to speak with the voice of dogs and cats so effectively, allowing me to be fully immersed in their world, has given me a greater perspective on his talents and abilities. Stan I.S. Law’s ability to transport the reader to the mind of a pet and allow the reader a full experience of thoughts, emotions and sensory feeling epitomizes the reason we take up with the written word to begin with. It allows us to appreciate another aspect of life, another world, a new thought process. It is humorous, delightful, mysterious, suspenseful, honest, intelligent, and thought-provoking. I highly recommend it!
  • Emoting in Poetry on July 28, 2014

    Emoting in Poetry is a lovely and heartfelt collection of poetry and musings. Author Shaun Dickinson allows us into emotionally powerful and intense moments as he eloquently relates his thoughts and feelings to us. It is therapeutic to experience moments similar to our own and know we are not alone in the world. It is also beautiful to have new experiences as relayed in the most honest and real manner. Dickinson is able to keep the spirit of poetry alive in a modern voice. I highly recommend it!
  • One Just Man [Winston Trilogy Book I] on Aug. 11, 2014

    One Just Man is a brilliant story that guides the reader through a variety of esoteric thought through an entertaining plot and set of characters. Author Stan I.S. Law brings us this unusual and intelligent story of a doctor who discovers he has a gift for healing. While it would seemingly be a wonderful thing Law shows us how a gift such as this could really affect a man and the world around him. Dr. Peter Thornton is a confident well educated man who believes his photographic memory for scientific fact gives him a cutting edge in his profession. Peter once wanted to be a priest but backed out at the last minute. He was devout even keeping his virginity up until the age of 24 when a nurse showed him what he had been missing. Since then Peter has known many nurses in numerous linen closets around the hospital. He has carried guilt over leaving the seminary and has donated large sums of money to the church for retribution. When Peter’s brother passed away he went against his usual judgment and agreed to move in with his sister in law Ruth, her butler and her children to be a role model to his brother’s adopted children. Dr. Peter Thornton is a complex character with an interesting personality that is explored in depth once he realizes that he has a gift for healing. This gift shakes his self image as it becomes something outside of his hard work and intellect. Shaken, he must learn to cope with his gift and what it means. With the help of some inspiring characters Peter will explore the many angles, responsibilities and emotions that have transpired from this gift. Law’s ability to inject humor, dynamic scenery, entertaining dialogue and phenomenal energy into his stories captures both the imagination and the heart long after you have finished with the story. His depiction of one man’s quest to understand the special and life changing ability he has is remarkable. For an unforgettable journey through science, faith, spirituality, love, friendship, and enlightenment, I highly recommend it!
  • Wall — Love, Sex and Immortality [Aquarius Trilogy Book One] on Aug. 18, 2014

    Wall – Love, Sex and Immortality is the thrilling first book of the Aquarius Trilogy. Author Stan I.S. Law introduces us to Simon Jones, a young man whose ankle seizes on him but for which no doctor can find a reason. It appears that Simon’s ankle is perfectly healthy though it causes him a great deal of problems. Simon’s Rugby adventures were cut short due to his ankle seizures and comically so were any hopes of losing his virginity. After a while Simon has become a professor and continues to try various solutions to heal his ankle. One day Simon meets a beautiful and brilliant young physicist Ambrosia Milos. Simon and Ambrosia soon fall in love and experience amazing things together. Law’s imagination and creativity never cease to amaze me. Simon and Ambrosia are beautiful together and easy to fall in love with. This story is inspiring and thought provoking as it delves into incredible possibilities. Law’s command of spirituality and science allow him to create a realistic science fiction that draws the reader deep into the wonder that is his world. ‘Wall’ is full of suspense, sensuality, love, renewal, technological advancement, theft, humor, science, and spirituality. I highly recommend it!
  • Mediterranean Diet –Super Slim Down Dishes on Aug. 24, 2014

    Mediterranean Diet: Super Slim Down Dishes is an informative guide to the Mediterranean Diet while also providing delicious recipes designed to be a healthy way to slim down. Author Ayana Stamford’s experience with designing diets and being a health and diet coach is put to good use here as she provides the reader with an appetizing and effective way to drop pounds. I have always been fascinated with the Mediterranean Diet and I am happy that I found a book that explains exactly what it is and how it will benefit my life. Stamford also provides information on exercising, shopping and living a happier life. I have decided to give this diet a try and make it more of a lifestyle change. I’ve found that I love the recipes provided in this book making it even easier to integrate into my life. The recipes include easy to follow directions for ease of preparation and they have all come out wonderful. The Spanish Mushrooms and Artichoke Arugula Pizza with Prosciutto are incredible. I highly recommend it!
  • Sci-Fi Series 1 (Thirsty Work, The Acorn, Dare, Black Hole) on Aug. 31, 2014

    Sci-Fi Series 1 is a brilliant and entertaining set of short stories. Author Stan I.S. Law continues to impress me as an author and creator. Every book I experience of his opens up new insights and thought processes for me. Sci-Fi Series 1 is no exception. Perfect for any science fiction fan Law’s stories go even further by providing a strong intellect and solid science. Black Hole is my favorite of this set, though that is a hard distinction to make. Black Hole is an adapted prologue to Gift of Gamman (which I also highly recommend). Dare is also very intriguing as is the idea of being immortal. The Acorn and its exploration of the environment is particularly thought provoking for me. Thirsty Work is amusing and has incredible character development. The detail and possibilities that are explored in these stories are intriguing, suspenseful, mysterious, and thought provoking. Law’s ability to inspire a myriad of emotions in a scientific and intelligent environment is astounding. I highly recommend it!
  • Just a Fling on Sep. 09, 2014

    Just a Fling is the thrillingly erotic and exotic first book in the Billionaires on the Beach series. Author Olivia Noble brings us the story of Eva. Eva is the kind of girl who gets great grades, takes on more than anyone can handle (including taking care of her sick mother), and never neglects her responsibilities. After graduating college with honors and on the dean’s list, Eva’s best friend Nicole decides it is time for Eva to take a break and let loose. They find themselves on a plane headed for the Caribbean. After a few drinks Eva finds herself starting to relax and really enjoying the music. When Eva trips while dancing in the sand she awaits total embarrassment as she plummets toward the ground. Only she doesn’t hit the ground. Instead she falls into the arms of Andreas. Andreas had been observing her for a little while building up liquid courage so he could talk to her. Their attraction is instant and strong. Noble will make you weak in the knees with the passion, fire and sexual connection between Eva and Andreas. The sex scenes are steaming hot and exhilarating. But Eva is only going to be on the island for a week. Is it possible that there could be more for Eva and Andreas? Relationship minded Andreas is betting on it even if it is just a fling for Eva. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I highly recommend it!
  • Sci-Fi Series 2 (Simulator, Little Angels, Esperanza) on Sep. 09, 2014

    Sci-Fi Series 2 is an intelligent, witty, and thought provoking collection of short stories brought to us by Author Stan I.S. Law. I always enjoy Law’s books. They are full of esoteric thoughts, interesting and scientifically sound concepts and intriguing characters. There is religion, spirituality, science, family, friendship, heartache, passion, attraction, compassion, exploration and so much more. This book contains three unique and original short stories Simulator, Little Angels, and Esperanza. They are all captivating and wonderful. Little Angels brings about some interesting concepts of love, family and population control. Esperanza inspires and values friendship. My favorite (though a hard distinction to make) is Simulator. In this story Acting Ensign Astrid Dwain and Lieutenant Bram Jordan are collecting information for the Galactic Navy when a shocking revelation causes Astrid to break the Law of Noninterference. What happens next is both shocking and healing. This is another great contribution by Stan I.S. Law. As always I am impressed with Law’s work and look forward to more. I highly recommend it!
  • Clarity on Sep. 15, 2014

    Clarity is unlike any book I have read. It is beautiful, tragic, hopeful, comical, soulful, and mesmerizing. I was completely captivated by Helen’s story. Her strength is powerful, her fragility endearing. There is obvious heat and chemistry between Helen and Liam that gives rise to hope that Helen will be able to overcome the serious challenges she faces in allowing someone to enter her life again. While Author Loretta Lost keeps the story light and positive throughout most of the book there are moments that are hard to experience. These moments contribute significantly to Helen’s ability to trust Liam and allowing herself to get close to him. While Helen’s hesitation is more than understandable, I am eager to read the next book in the series and hopeful that she is able to overcome the traumatic moments that sent her into isolation. I highly recommend it!
  • Billionaires on the Beach: The Complete Collection (Books 1-4) on Sep. 15, 2014

    After reading Just a Fling I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next with Andreas and Eva. Billionaires on the Beach: The Complete Collection Boxed Set is great because it comes with all four books. Just a Fling starts out the series strong with the initial meeting and attraction of Eva and Andreas. After an erotic and sensual night together Andreas already feels himself wanting more but Eva wants to keep things light and casual. By the end of the book Andreas has his mind set on convincing Eva to give their relationship a real chance. This leads into book two of the series More Than a Fling. In this book Andreas puts his best efforts into showing Eva he wants more than just a fling. The amazing sexual passion continues for them both as they wait to discover how much more exists between them. In book three, Just a Flirt, Eva and Andreas have left the Caribbean and returned to New York to care for Eva’s sick mom. While away from the romantic and inviting island and thrown into emotionally deep situations we see if Eva and Andreas’ relationship can stand the test. Meanwhile, Eva’s best friend Nicole and Andreas’ brother Tyler begin their interesting relationship back in the Bahamas. In book four, More Than a Flirt, we see how love fairs for Eva and Andreas, and for Tyler and Nicole. Author Olivia Noble shines with her ability to convey the deepest emotions, the most complex characters and the most intense and erotic sex scenes. Love and amazing sex prevail in this amazing collection. I was thrilled to discover how it all comes together and to enjoy the road they took to get there. I highly recommend it!
  • Clarity 2 on Sep. 15, 2014

    After reading ‘Clarity’ I was excited to see what happens next in the series. I was completely surprised by the opening of Clarity 2. Author Loretta Lost throws us into a shocking revelation as we endure the heartbreak and anxiety alongside Helen. Lost continues building the characters as we fall deeper into them and hang in suspense wondering how it will all come together. Clarity 2 picks up at Helen’s sister Carmen’s wedding. When an unexpected turn of events throws off everything, Helen must make an impossible decision and fight for the person she loves. The suspense and fear mount as Helen faces her demon and struggles against him. Meanwhile Liam continues trying to build a relationship with Helen amidst all the challenges. The ending is quite a cliffhanger and leading me now to purchase the third book in the series. I can’t wait to find out how it ends. I highly recommend it!
  • Clarity 3 on Sep. 15, 2014

    After reading the first two books in this series ‘Clarity’ and ‘Clarity 2’ I couldn’t wait to discover how it all comes together. Author Loretta Lost finalizes her series with a brilliant conclusion. ‘Clarity 3’ starts out where ‘Clarity 2’ leaves off. Helen is frantic to learn what has happened to Liam and Grayson. Lost’s descriptive style brings to life every emotion, thought, feeling and surrounding that exists in her world. Helen is blind and as you read the story you can imagine how everything comes across to her and her senses. As the story progresses Helen gets the opportunity to see. While life seems to be going good Helen then discovers a shocking secret Liam has been hiding from her. Suddenly she feels more hurt by Liam then she did by Grayson. Grayson gets some help and realizes what he had become. This is more than he can bear. Meanwhile, Helen’s sister Carmen is pregnant with Grayson’s child. The suspense mounts as the climax brings everything together. Full of love, loss, death, regret, truth, trust, betrayal, hope and faith this is an unforgettable story that you won’t want to miss. I highly recommend it!
  • Marvin Clark — In Search of Freedom on Sep. 20, 2014

    Marvin Clark is an inspiring story of love and exploration. Stan I. S. Law brings to life the fragile nature and innocence of love. You feel every emotion with in-depth and lively characters that reveal themselves more and more through each page. Law’s ability to transport the reader into the hearts and minds of his characters is remarkable. In this story we explore love at its core, the joys and challenges that accompany opening yourself up to someone. Jocelyn and Marvin have what is precious in life. They are truly in love and Author Stan I. S. Law allows us the privilege of joining Marvin and Jocelyn as their love grows and they experience a unique journey together. Stan I. S. Law has captured my heart and my imagination with this wonderful story. For a rich and rewarding read, I highly recommend it!
  • Delusions — Pragmatic Realism on Nov. 13, 2014

    Delusions – Pragmatic Realism is a serious book for those serious about expanding their knowledge and open to exploring their beliefs. While very controversial, Author Stanislaw Kapuscinski spares nothing as he opens your mind to new thoughts and possibilities. You may not agree with everything you read but you will leave enlightened, informed, and grateful for the experience. Both religion and science have been off the mark on many occasions and learning that it is okay to question the world around you, to know that you are not going to fall into a flaming pit for doing so, is a beautiful and bond-breaking gift. Stanislaw brings a directness you can respect along with humor that offers some reprieve to the heavy material. His grasp of both science and religion is staggering and never ceases to impress me. I have been a fan of Stanislaw’s for some time now and I count this as another success in a series of books I will never forget. This intelligent examination will leave you contemplating your own beliefs and place in the world for some time. It is a gift and I highly recommend it!
  • Beyond Religion Volume III on Nov. 21, 2014

    Beyond Religion III offers an excellent look at various aspects of nature and people through an intelligent, insightful, and inspired man, Stanislaw Kapuscinski. In his thought-provoking essays Mr. Kapuscinski provides the reader a journey of discovery. With courage, honesty, and the right amount of humor these essays provide a place for introspection. From Adam, Eve and the famous apple to a conversation with God; love, duality and so much more there is no shortage of topics to immerse yourself in. I highly recommend it!
  • Internet of Things, Thugs, Truth on Dec. 03, 2014

    Patricia Brogdon delivers an enlightening and thought-provoking look at the relationships between people, the internet and God. Brogdon brings her extensive experience, wit, humor, and spirituality together for an unforgettable look at her life and career. The internet has become a major part of our lives and connects us in ways never dreamed possible before. With that comes a loss of privacy, threats, and abuse. As Brogdon so elegantly puts it the light will shine on the darkness and there will come a day when these dark sides of the internet will no longer exist. This is a thoroughly entertaining, illuminating, and inspiring book. I highly recommend it!
  • Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism on Dec. 19, 2014

    Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism is the perfect companion to furthering our understanding of biblical text. Author Stanislaw Kapuscinski never ceases to amaze me. The dictionary he has compiled provides definitions and symbolic meaning for 3300 words that have not been previously translated. This opens up a world of new meaning and understanding. Kapuscinski provides examples of how to use the dictionary and inspires readers to discover their own interpretations. At some point it becomes apparent that much of the bible is written in allegories and finding the meaning in it is important. With Kapuscinski's Dictionary you will be well on your way to finding your individual spiritual truth. I highly recommend it!
  • You're Getting Married Soon... Now What? A Book for All Couples on Dec. 19, 2014

    You're Getting Married Soon... NOW WHAT? is a must have for anyone about to get married. Author Eeva Lancaster delves into the important questions that are necessary for any couple to explore. Couples that avoid such questions until a situation arises may find that they have incompatible viewpoints on important issues. While these questions may be uncomfortable it will set you on the right path for a loving and lasting relationship. Understanding what role each will take in a marriage lessens the apprehension associated with not knowing and paves the way to a fulfilling relationship. Knowing what your partner is expecting in the bedroom, in regards to having a family, and the responsibility of money ensures no arguments will arise from these hot topics. I highly recommend it and will be giving it to all my friends!
  • 101 Top Secret Techniques Used by Successful Part Time Weekend Art Dealers on Dec. 23, 2014

    101 Top Secret Techniques Used by Successful Part Time Weekend Art Dealers is an excellent guide to getting started as an art dealer. Author David Valin reveals an incredible selection of techniques that will ensure your success in the art industry. Finding small town treasures, discoveries in places like ebay, making contacts, making money, auctions, gallery exhibits, museums, inventory, strategies, and so much more is unveiled as Valin divulges how to make money and enjoy what you are doing. The secrets revealed in this book will open up a world of opportunities for you. I highly recommend it!
  • Beyond Religion Volume II on Jan. 02, 2015

    Beyond Religion II is a collection of essays that inspires us to find the truth within ourselves. We are aided on our journey to self enlightenment by Author Stanislaw Kapuscinski's thought-provoking and introspective writings; writings that inspire readers to think, question, and ponder our beliefs. When we question our beliefs and start to think of new possibilities we venture into the unknown. As we so eloquently learn, venturing into the unknown is the only way we grow and achieve progress. Kapuscinski refers to our beliefs and truths as our gardens. With this collection of essays Kapuscinski is trying to help us "...cultivate our own, individual gardens." This is my favorite feature of Kapuscinski's work, it is like having your best friend guide you through your journey of self discovery without pressuring you to believe one thing or another. Kapuscinski explores his own thoughts and beliefs and invites you to do the same. His perspective often leads to further questions and discoveries you may not have thought of otherwise. I highly recommend this book and Kapuscinski's work to anyone looking for the truth within themselves and to find greater communion with spirituality.