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  • One Way on Dec. 09, 2017

    How far would you go for the one you love? As it turns out, Jenny Griffith will go as far as it takes. Admittedly, I don't read a lot of science fiction or time travel stories, but something about One Way grabbed my attention. Thankfully, this one wasn't overly technical in its explanations of how possible time travel would work. Instead, I found a fast-paced tale of what ifs. What if you could change one event in your life? What if you could go back and save that special someone you can't live without? Barry and Jenny's tale starts out simply enough with just another day in the life of an everyday couple, struggling to make ends meet and getting past the typical marital squabbles... Until life throws them a curve ball. As Jenny's life takes a downward spiral, she's offered the chance of lifetime. What happens next is a rapid fire series of events that keep the pages turning in anticipation. As expected, the story moves back and forth between past and present, and the author does this quite seamlessly without creating a distraction for the reader. With complex characters and building tension, this reader was so caught up in this wonderfully written tale that I couldn't put it down.
  • The Three Scrooges on Dec. 14, 2017

    I can't even begin to count the many different variations of Scrooge that I've read, seen, and heard over the years, but I do remember that most of those are basically the same story - Don't mess with a classic, right? With that in mind, I started this one with some hesitation. That hesitation didn't make past the first chapter and I was so drawn in that I read it in one sitting. What I found was a unique and imaginative take on the classic Dickens tale. The style is wonderfully reminiscent of the classic, fantastically blended with an original plot. We still get the visits from our lesson teaching ghosts, but they have a different goal for Ebenezer, or should I say, Ebenezers since we have three. Three very different versions of one man have made a mess of things and it's up to them to fix it. I won't go into the details of each Scrooge in this compelling read - you have to read it to fully appreciate all three as they travel through time to find the event that created them. With The Three Scrooges, Jeff Lane has given me a new tradition to add to my list each holiday season. I highly recommend this beautifully written tale to anyone who loves the classic and to those looking for something a little different in a holiday read.
  • This Paper World on Dec. 22, 2017

    After reading two other books from this author, I fully expected a suck you in story with this first book The Champion Saga and I certainly wasn't disappointed. This action/adventure tale is classic good vs evil with all the fight for your life scenes that one would expect from such a story. We have a bit of a reluctant hero in Jim as he struggles with the choice of being the fun-loving college student and moving forward with what he thought would be his future or accepting everything that fate has in store for him. Jeff Lane has done a spectacular job of painting a picture of the Champion's world and the character development is quite good. This reader couldn't help but get caught up in Jim's story, especially with such wonderfully descriptive, edge of your seat action scenes. The only drawback for me was the number of grammatical errors in this one. They didn't keep me from enjoying the story, but they were enough that I noticed. The story is still a well-thought out and hard to put down tale that left me anxious to read what's next in the saga.
  • This Burning World on Dec. 23, 2017

    This Burning World is the second in The Champion Saga and picks up where This Paper World left off. It's a rare occasion that I like the second in a series better than the first, but this impossible to put down tale had me from the very beginning. Jim Hunt has accepted his role as a Champion, but there's still so much he doesn't know or understand. Of course, as with any good adventure, tragedy strikes before he has time to learn everything he needs to know and he's off and running. This one has everything that a great action/adventure should have - heart pounding action, tragedy, a race for justice, secrets, a hint at possible romance, a lovable hero who makes a reader want to shake some sense into him and hug him (sometimes simultaneously), and a mind-blowing ending that left me wanting more. It does end with a bit of a cliffy and we all know how frustrating those can be, but I still loved the book and will certainly be anxiously awaiting the next part of Jim's story.