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  • Today, I Told a Lie (a short story) on Oct. 18, 2010

    Overall: 4 3/4 Stars Plot/Storyline/Character Development: 4 1/2 Stars I was intrigued by this story from the beginning. I think I even bit my nails when Kody, the main character, got up to bat. I actually felt like I was on the playground watching. Unfortunately, overall, I have to say that the story was just depressing with no real point…well, except to depress people, perhaps. After reading this story, I thought about all of the news stories I had heard about kids killing themselves because they were bullied in school, and the parents never even knew. This could have been a portrayal of a younger version of those kids. I do admit to “not getting” what the big deal about the lie was. It’s not like the kid did something wrong. I mean, I understand why he lied; I’m just not certain why he was so upset about it. Of course, if the mother knew, she would have been far more horrified at the lie than I felt the kid should have been. As an adult and a parent, I think the lie was horribly sad, but Kody obviously did not feel sad about it for the same reasons. Writing Style: 5 Stars The writing style was excellent. Mr. Crane really got into the spirit of writing from a child’s point of view. He stayed wonderfully in character throughout. The descriptions were excellent. The dialogue was true. *******************************************************