Smashwords book reviews by RedRaider

  • Underdogs on Aug. 10, 2012

    I am definitely a huge fan of Underdogs and have spent many hours of enjoyment reading Geonn's fine Underdog series. Geonn delivered on one of my most fervent wishes in the book... don't want to be a spoiler :) Well worth the read.
  • When Women Were Warriors Book II: A Journey of the Heart on Nov. 02, 2012

    I absolutely loved this triology. Fantastic author. Allowing me to read the first hooked me and I have to have the next two. Loved the ancient woman warrior theme and well flushed out characters. Catherine kept me guessing throughout the series and had some very nice suprises.
  • When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior's Path on Nov. 02, 2012

    Allowing us to read the Book 1 - brilliant. Catherine hooked me and I didn't stop until I devoured all 3 bookes. This is an excellent triology. Well thought out characters, wonderful, suspenseful, face paced. Very enjoyable plots, intrigue, suprises.
  • Backwards to Oregon on May 05, 2013

    Excellent look back on a time when women loving women could be very dangerous. Flawed lovable characters. Very good read.