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  • Zombie Nights on July 05, 2016

    I like a hard hitting zombie story with lots of gore and violence so i was excited to read this seeing how it is the top most downloaded zombie story on SW. The story was good, more humor than gore though. I'll be looking for some of the other titles by this author.
  • Smashwords Style Guide on July 05, 2016

    I totally support Smashwords. The world needs this platform and I wish more people would get on here and support ebooks and literacy. This book is absolutely required, along with Mark Coker's other books, for anyone hoping to make it in the very hard world of indie authoring. This book has the secrets and the tips/tricks for getting your book onto SW, iBooks, and B&N. Thanks, Mark Coker and TEAM!!!
  • Smashwords Book Marketing Guide on July 05, 2016

    My suggestion is that any writer who wants to make their mark in the author game should read this and follow all the great tips and tricks in here. I'm only giving it 4-stars because it's a bit dated. This needs to be updated every 6 months at least bc of all the changes with the internet. Even though I only give it 4-stars still highly recommended.
  • The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success on July 05, 2016

    Like the other books by Mark Coker, I can't say it strongly enough: Indie Authors Read This Book and Follow the Many Great Tips and Tricks. I must admit, though, that I am one of those analysis paralysis people. I write a little, and I want to publish, but I keep reading and researching. I read books about writing and publishing and I love them. I keep making a plan to write my novel and publish it. I keep reading novels and short stories (I read A LOT!). Mark my words, I'll write my masterpiece and publish it on here . . . some day.
  • The Golden Hall on July 05, 2016

    If you like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Vikings and that sort of thing . . . and you like poetry, well then you are going to like this book of poems. I'm not much for the study of lit and poetry (quite frankly most poetry I can't understand and I find it boring), but if there is such a thing as good poems, this is it. I really like it.
  • We Don’t Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore on July 05, 2016

    The writing pops with style and interesting words. The author puts you right in the scene with a guy who wants a car (just happens to be in the future with flying cars) so he can impress his lady friend. I agree with the other reviews, this story is kooky, zingy. It goes 'boing' in most of the right places.
  • Death Ray Butterfly on July 05, 2016

    This is like chop soey, which my dad once described to me as everything left in the bottom of the sink at a chinese restraunt at the end of the night, then cook throws it in a pot adds broth and it's 'chop soey' on the menu the next day. This story includes heavy doses of sci-fi, humor and detective tropes, and even manages to cook up a few original twist of it's own. In a few places I felt the author was over-reaching a bit with so many plot twists and characters, but I don't want that to sound too critical. I'll look for more by this author.
  • Sixty-Four Days, A Sea Story on July 05, 2016

    This is the best story I've found on Smashwords (and I've read or tried to read hundreds of them). This author, Malcolm Torres, as far as I can tell is like some kind of modern day Jack London or something close to it. He writes sea stories, and they are rough and tough and full of fires aboard ships at sea, drug smugglers and romance in foreign ports. This story is about a guy who wants to retire and go on vacation to the national parks with his wife, who he loves and misses very much. But sure enough he is thrown into a major disaster involving bombs that could explode on the ship. Read it . . . you won't be disappointed.