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  • With You (Tear Asunder .5) on Jan. 07, 2014

    3.5 stars With You gives a short backstory of how Emily and Sculpt came to know each other. While it is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. Torn from You jumps right into the story and without this, it’s possible to miss the love connection. It’s a novella so I can’t complain that it was short, but I wished we had more on how the relationship evolved. I’m not a hater of insta-love but it went from 0 to 60 in no time flat. Sculpt went from flat out disregard to head over heels in love. While I can see this happening over time, it’s a little unbelievable when they only see each other a couple hours a week for a few weeks. But then again it is fiction, so anything can happen. Then again, there’s the lack of any type of background on Sculpt. Now, I’m all for people who do one-night stands, no-strings attached, I don’t need to know your name relationships. But with Emily and Sculpt actually wanting to have some type of relationship, I think it should have progressed further than ‘Hey, my name is Sculpt. Let’s do this thang!’ Just warning you that there is a major freaking cliffhanger. Do not attempt to read without Torn from You ready and waiting nearby. I really tried not to jump right into the next book, so I could let my thoughts simmer. I lasted about 3 minutes before I caved.