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  • Nightmares From Eberus - A Speculative Fiction Collection on Sep. 01, 2010

    Books can be tricky when it comes to defining your "taste" but it is always nice to have something that provides a sample of different stories that enevitably help you as a consumer, refine your future literary preferences. With that said, overall, Nightmares From Eberus (not Nightmares from Erebus which I agree would of been better) is a good read. It danced through so many topics and raised so many questions that I couldn't help but explain some stories to friends to discuss the possibilities and question of our own preconceived notions of truth. Obviously this book does need some grammatical fine tunning but that is not my area of expertise and nor do I wish to bore anyone with those corrections or comments. I do not want to review each story to be fair to the reader's preferences but I will comment on the one's that I found particularly juicy and left me craving more. J.C. De La Torre started out Nightmares From Eberus on a unsuspecting strong foundation. Continuum Force-The New Guy (I think there's a better title out there) blew my mind. I am a big history buff and I have never thought about any alternative histories that might have been or could have been. This chapter also took me by surprise for I was expecting a more "nightmarish" (if that is a word) book. Nor did I expect string theory to get mixed up with roswell and the fall of the Roman Empire, but for me, that made this story and book even more unique! The only story that left me remotely "scarred" (not really but I would let it fall in that genre), I would say it's more creeptacular, was Serial. As a twilight fan, I did enjoy this story, but I think I enjoy vampire stories in generally because I also enjoy the classics. Maybe it's the immortality, mysteriousness, and power but realistically, when it comes to brass tax, would you really want to become one? A life of savagery (not just drinking blood but essentially devouring people and/or their organs), "cleaning-up" meals and evading, essentially becomming a loner, but when one finds themselves in flight or fight, live or die circumstances, it's the bodies natural reaction to fight and live, but what if that was the consequence? Think about that one Twilighters and see if you are still wishing to be "vegetarian, sparkling" vampires! I loved the perspective the story was told from, I loved the characters, I loved the return to the more mainstream mentality of vampires but I did like the twist, and truthfully when I finished the story, I felt like reading serial again. I really think with the popularity of vampires right now and using this new twist could attract a larger adult audience and become a huge seller. If I were to explore, expand, and continue one of these stories, it would most definitely be Serial! Inspiration for Shockers was instantly recognizable but the story did become interesting when things seemed to be "wrapping up". More detail could have been used about the paranormal activity to make it a little longer, creepier, and provide that "blair witch" or "paranormal activity" effect. Again, this story reads like a movie and when that happens for me, I think that is some great writing because no one enjoys re-reading a page just to get the facts straight. Plus this story had an awesome historical set up, reader familiarity, suspense, climax, and creepy resolution. Great formula. The last story I will touch on is Lucifer's Lament. I do not have many words to say other than, wow. I know my history and religion and once again JC De La Torre has thought outside of the box and provided a new but unsuspecting viewpoint. I was hesistant to read a story involving religion for obvious reasons (everyone has their opinions) but this is a great story to step back from thinking of religion as a belief, idea, and way of life and just listening to all sides as a mediator. The story has not changed my personal beliefs but it has definitely given me something to chew on (which makes me wonder if chewing on it is wrong;)(Food for thought, but wasn't it food that got the ball of mischief rolling?). That last bit would make a little more sense after reading that story. Summary: Nightmares From Eberus contains 10 fictioal short stories that mainly can be classified under sci-fi. The book has some great stories that will get those wheels turning about "what-if" possibilities. It is another good conspiracy book. Every story may not be for everyone but I am sure if you enjoy fiction, sci-fi, paranormal, vampires, short stories or fantasy, you will have no problem finding some entertainment value from this book.