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Latest book: Never Say Never: Mate Mistake #2.
Pre-release—available March 7, 2024. (4.73 from 22 reviews)
Ki Brightly
Latest book: His Princess.
Published February 21, 2024. (4.67 from 3 reviews)
Daniel May
Latest book: Fair Game.
Published February 24, 2023. (4.00 from 1 review)
Adara Wolf
Latest book: Forcibly Fucked by His Vampire Twin.
Published May 10, 2023. (5.00 from 5 reviews)
Ava Brennan
Latest book: The Monster Games: Episode 4 - Alex and Tim.
Published July 26, 2022. (4.88 from 8 reviews)
Kaje Harper
Latest book: Impurrfections.
Pre-release—available April 2, 2024.
Honey London
Latest book: Call Me Daddy.
Published January 24, 2022. (4.71 from 7 reviews)
R. Cooper
Latest book: Blessed.
Published December 11, 2023. (5.00 from 1 review)
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Smashwords book reviews by RetroRkrGrl77

  • Punished, Disciplined, and Locked Up by My Brother: Impregnated by My Brother the Complete Series on June 03, 2019

    This was a dark theme. Not for the faint of heart. If you can get past that, I highly recommend it. James is a young Omega. His older brother Grant has been his guardian since the death of their parents in a horrific tragedy. He's also the chief of police in their town. James is 19, and pushing boundaries as most teens do. He gets himself into trouble at a frat party. Grant has been having increasingly disturbing thoughts about James. About wanting to humiliate him, punish him, breed him and own him as his Alpha. James recently discovered some eye-opening porn on Grant's computer and has begun to realize he wants Grant to treat him like the men in those films. I thoroughly enjoyed this boxset and can't wait to continue delving into this world.
  • Alpha Twincest 2: A Taboo Omegaverse Series on July 18, 2019

    This was a continuation of Brock and Holden's story. We get more in depth with the twins and find out what secrets led them to make the decisions they did and ended up on opposite sides of the law. This was a fast-paced, rough and dirty story. I can't wait to find out what's next for the twins and everyone else in this world.
  • Alpha Twincest: The Complete Series on Sep. 26, 2019

    The continuation and culmination of this sexy series. Brock is continuing with his training of the prisoners and is opening a BDSM club to take advantage of this and turn a profit at the same time. He also admits the truth to his twin, Holden. That he enjoys subjecting him to pain and humiliation as much as Holden enjoys being on the receiving end.
  • Alpha Twincest 3: A Taboo Omegaverse Series Book 3 on Sep. 26, 2019

    Great ending to the series. Brock is run ragged keeping the prisoners in line by training them and using them as labor to build the BDSM club. Holden has earned some leeway by being Brock's sub, but it seems he's let it go to his head. Brock has to take him in hand and remind him who's in charge. This series was deliciously dirty and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next.
  • Lovely in Red on May 05, 2023

    I absolutely loved Calix and Atticus. Calix is just so sweet and sexy and Atticus is completely obsessed with him in a not very healthy way. They should not work together and yet they do. Calix just wants someone to see him and completely accept him and Atticus does that for him. Despite his personality issues, Atticus is very considerate of Calix and would never do anything to intentionally hurt him, unless Calix specifically asked for that. The kinky scenes between them were sizzling hot I especially loved seeing Atticus defend Calix, he definitely needed that support.
  • Brothers of Reckoning on Sep. 19, 2023

    This was a very dark and twisted tale that doesn't really end in a traditional HEA. Alexander, Silas and Oliver all have issues and they really showed strength and development. Their intimate moments were scorching hot and I thought the epilogue was especially sweet.