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Smashwords book reviews by RhiR

  • Scar Jewelry on Jan. 16, 2013

    "Scar Jewelry" is just the kind of book I like- fast paced and realistic, with credible, fully developed characters. I thought that the premise of having a loved one unexpectedly become incapacitated was a perfect way to creatively explore the question of how well any of us knows anyone else. The story was deep, yet lighthearted; it made me smile and it made me think (and it made me really wish that I had been around for the music- those shows sounded awesome!). I recommend it highly!
  • Nica of Los Angeles on Sep. 09, 2014

    In short, I loved everything about this book. In longer, I loved that Nica is easy to relate to, funny, smart and utterly human. She reacted to her sudden immersion into the epic battle between good and evil with the entire universe (as we know it, and as we don't) on the line in a way that was completely believable. One of the reasons this book was so easy to read was that Nica and the other characters behaved in ways that just made sense. I love stories that are crafted so that I can imagine myself in the situations, and have the events unfold like they would if I were really there. Reading experiences like that are rare, and Sue Perry masterfully created just such an experience with this book. Book 2 cannot be finished soon enough for me!