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I’m a London-based freelance writer and blogger. An English Literature graduate with a penchant for reading and political PR, I have penned my debut novel and I’m currently writing five other novella. I love exploring new opportunities and can usually be found head buried in a book (Dickens, Dumas and Rowling are the usual suspects), or glued to Hollywood classics (On The Waterfront and Some Like It Hot are just a few to mention). Ideal dinner guests would be The Dalai Lama, Kenneth Branagh, Carla Bruni, David Heyman, Joe Biden, Mickey Rourke, and Sarah Palin (OK the last one was a joke – sorry Sarah, but The Dalai Lama wouldn’t approve).

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  • Give Me, A Tale Of Wyrd And Fae on Oct. 31, 2011

    Give Me, A Fairytale was an interesting read. I loved the synopsis and couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. However, I had to read prologue a few times, as the somewhat obscure names (Igdrasil, Aeolios, wyrding) rendered the text a little difficult to understand after a first read. Still, I suppose the names were needed, due to the era. Anyway, moving swiftly on. I was immediately sucked into the engaging narrative. Lily is a likeable character from the outset. I really felt I could identify with her. She’s unassuming, but has an opinion, and is considerate and honest. Her feelings for Greg (her first boyfriend) were authentic and the author cleverly sets up Greg’s betrayal without giving much away. I love the paranormal romance genre and this book is a good read. There were a few instances where I thought points could have been expanded upon (ie when Lily was mysteriously booked into a hotel in England without booking it herself). If someone had booked me into a hotel and I found out about it later, I would have made a bigger deal out of it (but then again, my mind does work overtime). Still, this was just a teeny, tiny gripe. Cade as the love interest is brilliant; super hot, thoughtful and I wish he existed in real life! I don’t want to give too much away, except to say that the ending had a nice twist and not what I was expecting. Not many authors can achieve this without making it obvious, yet the author’s hypnotic text made this possible. I love the author’s attention to key plot points too. For example, electricity / wifi doesn’t work in the magical country, which accentuates the story’s supernatural element. Magic is a part of the text from the outset and I loved that. The author successfully weaves a paranormal tale expertly and I look forward to reading more of her work.