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Hello there! I am glad you have taken an interest in my work. I am a self employed writer who does freelance work out of my home in New England. I am married to my wife, legally! Go us! For more than 5 years now. We have 1 child and three cats. I love to write and I love to self publish as well. I have been offered the right to publish under an actual publishing company in the real world but I find that deadlines take away from the fun of writing just to write.
I love every single one of my characters. Whether they be rough around the edges or polished till they shine, I adore them all. They are all children, born of my mind and each line of every story is created on its own. Sometimes I swear I am just the medium.
I love my work. I really hope you can say this about your work as well. If not.. you should really find something you can love.
Don't ever do anything that makes you unhappy. That is my motto. Thank you for reading my profile and I hope you will buy one or all of my digital downloads. If you prefer print see the above links for a place where you can buy them. Or search Ria Goff on Lulu.com :D Thanks!

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