Rich Humus


Rich is a man of many talents. He writes dirty books in his spare time. He is a make-up artist for several talk-radio programs.

Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
An angel came to me in the middle of the night and said that humanity's future depended on thousands and thousands of people reading my stories. Or maybe it was just delirium.
Well, when are you going to publish some of it, you dope?
Soon. Have to get it prepped and ready for S/words. Keep your pants on. Or, take them off, if you prefer.
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Smashwords book reviews by Rich Humus

  • Damia Marcheur and the Unicorn's Horsemeat (6 Stories of Magical Bestiality) on July 26, 2017

    Mz. McCain has tapped into a vein of sexy adult erotica rarely attempted in the past, and almost never done with the genitalia-arousing style we see here. Fanciful, dare I say almost humorous, with sly word play and easily-visualized action, her heroines and beastie fellows cavort across a landscape that Harry Potter would be aghast to see,but which, perhaps, Hermione would fall reluctantly into. Almost scientific in part, the well constructed setups and bestial descriptions are just far enough out of the range of sensibility to be accepted, with enough disbelief suspended, without being comic-book outlandish. Yes, we all know that horse-men and werewolves aren't real. But if they WERE real, it would be great to imagine they'd be rapacious lust-monsters, rather than flesh-devouring zombies. The sex is explicit enough to satisfy even the most jaded of the so-called "raincoat crowd", and yet might still, in this reviewer's estimation, appeal to most females. I think the unbelieveability of the scenes allows our fantasies to go wild, without repercussion. I highly recommend this author and all of her works, as both a detour from the standard and omnipresent styles of written porn, and as an example of well-written, intelligent erotica with style, colorful and descriptive content. Five stars is simply not enough. I'm thinking, maybe Milky Way?