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Eduard Joseph
Latest book: The Eilean Mor Mystery. Published February 12, 2017. (5.00 from 3 reviews)

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  • Morgue of the Living on May 18, 2013

    I heard about this book through a RT on Twitter and decided to check it out. I am glad I did! This was a really really good short story. I did not see the end coming. I was expecting something completely different. I had to congratulate the author and wanted to write a review, but I could not write one until i joined smashwords. Needless to say, I joined today in order for me to write a review on this book. I downloaded his other ebooks and cannot wait to start reading them. I can only imagine the other books are equally interesting!
  • Trick or treat on May 19, 2013

    This was a really good dark comedy. The mood was set just right with the description of each setting and the jokes were witty and smart. It made me remember trick-or-treating as a child and how much fun it was. Again, the ending was a bit of a twist, but that is what one comes to expect from this author. A really good read. I would suggest this to anyone who loves a good atmospheric horror comedy. I just downloaded "When there is blood on the moon." Can't wait to read it
  • The Thirst on May 19, 2013

    I read this book and "Trick-or-Treat" today. Two distinctively different eBooks - but both equally entertaining. I have to agree with the other reviewer of this book; "The man who refused to grow old" has breathed much needed life into the bloodsucker genre that was almost killed off by books and movies depicting these sort of monsters as romantic vampires. One empathizes with Benny as he tries to accept the fact that he has turned into a monster of childhood dreams. Great ending. Loved it.
  • When There is Blood on the Moon on May 25, 2013

    I finally read this book! I downloaded it last week, but never got round to reading it. This was an entertaining story! It grabbed my from page one. This is quite a page turner until the dramatic end. I truly love this author's style and imagination. I am really looking forward to any new work he has coming!
  • Welcome to the Neighbourhood on June 08, 2013

    Interesting read. I did not expect the ending it had. I want to know more about the town though... I hope there is a sequel
  • God's Gonna Cut You Down on Aug. 09, 2013

    Extremely violent story. This is a real page turner. Mr Joseph made a excellent choice in making the killer wear a clown mask - it plays on most people's fear of clowns embedded by Stephen King's It. I however feel the ending left too many questions, but it lets you use your imagination to create your own ending. Truely worth the read.