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I've been an avid reader ever since I was a child, absorbing book after book at such a maddening pace the local librarian stopped limiting how many books I could check out at a time.

Throughout my youth, I also imagined and filled up blank pages just as quickly and participated in numerous young author contests, creative writing and yearbook.

I love how tablets have revolutionized reading. What used to fill up multiple shelves in my Dad's library now fits in my hand. I don't have to make as many trips to the library either! I still love the feel of turning the pages of a good book but with constant travel I can't bring my collection with me.

My favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy and humor as well as combinations thereof.

I work professionally as a tv/print reporter for the military with videos, articles and photos that have been published and broadcast worldwide.

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  • The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success on Aug. 20, 2012

    Great book! Although a few portions of it are geared towards Smashwords and sort of shilling for SW (nothing wrong with that though) the majority of it can be applied to ebook publishing in general. If you're new to writing/publishing this isn't a bad book to give a thorough read to. If you're not entirely green it's still worth a decent skim. SPOILER ALERT: I kind of Cliff-noted the book. Here are some of the best general tips I picked out below. -ebooks/tablets are revolutionizing book publishing -write a great book, proofread, reread, edit, get honest critical feedback, do market research -don't spend more in an attempt to make more money -create a great ebook cover -edit your metadata, make it work for you -write another great book, give more for your readers to look forward to, build reader trust -maximize distribution, smashwords + direct upload to Amazon to cover all bases -avoid exclusivity contracts -consider avoiding Amazon's KDP Select program (one free book a month to users) because it requires exclusivitiy -give some of your books away for free, free books introduce your readers to you -you can change your price -use a cover image that catches the eye -inform your distributor of big upcoming titles for marketing possibilities. -aggregate your distribution -be patient with sales -get reviews, get great covers, edit!, write a great story, get distributed -drm inconviences customers more than pirates -use google alerts to stay abreast of of search terms phrases used in your book to watch out for plagiarizers -market your book/brand, blog, fb, twitter -get beta readers -never-ending book launch -study bestsellers in your category -highest earners write 150-200k words 60-80k are considered full length tho -top 50 bestsellers on smashwords average 100k words -write series