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  • The Temp Pest on May 26, 2017

    There was a time fairly early in my working life when it became apparent, possibly due to poor planning, that things weren't going according to plan. Among my friends whose lives were ticking along impressively in the material world, I became known as 'TempBoy'. So I was eager to read an account of another ne'er-do-well from TempLand. Temping by its definition is not a career, but it can produce some interesting life experiences, as related by Bathelor's book. Where else would you suffer an aerial bombardment of CDs one day, and crash a forklift truck the next? I was equally able to empathise with some of the characters, from the stereotypically malicious, vicious boss for whom the temp is a slave, to those salt-of-the-earth colleagues who can make a job worth getting up for. Thanks for an excellent read! I would note that in my experience the most interesting people in any organisation I temped in were to be found in the smoking room. RIP the smoking room.