Richard Robinson


Richard Robinson

Married, three children. Born in Cheshire, England, lived in Australia, Canada and Switzerland. Now live in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire England.


A KILLING LIFE Out in hardback in the U.K. WW1 Love & War story, also now on Amazon/Kindle.
My agent at the time was Jeffrey Simmons.

IRISH EYES, Romantic thriller Ireland 1921 to be published, late 2013, by Story Merchant Books in USA Now on Amazon/Kindle

DEAD OF NIGHT Written many years ago. The story of the Royal Oak sunk by a U-boat in Scapa Flow in 1939 and the mysterious watchmaker of Kirkwall, a spy, and his love interest and conflict.
All I had was a paper copy, I thought it may be worth a rewrite/update; but first I queried some people about the idea and of course they all said send the mss. What mss? So I explained and sent very hurried sample chapters and waited. Some of the eight queried so far have said send the full mss. Now I am bust completing it.


DEAD EITHER WAY Romantic modern day thriller set in Florida, where a mysterious man arrives looking for a rich widow to hustle. Currently, August 2013, optioned $600,000 pay-or-play money set aside for the male lead. Director and producers attached. $1.5 million pledged by STARZ once cast is in place. Recently it was turned down by Richard Gere. Now promised finance by Patriot Pictures and just (Jan 2014) requested by Fox Searchlight. I have signed more release forms than the Warden of Alcatraz.

SHADOWS Thriller, American couple in Mexico, wife blind, kidnapped and held in a place where they keep snakes for sale. Currently (Jan 2014) being marketed in Hollywood and being read by network producers.

BORROWED TIME Contemporary love story and thriller. Optioned by Generation Films & Richard Murphy for Jean Claude Van Damme in 2008

TALK OF THE DEVIL Thriller, love story set in Alaska; it was optioned by LG Productions & Manheim Productions in 2009

Education as a writer.

Formally – none whatsoever.

I Wrote novels when I was nine one was – THE SECRET OF THE KHYBER RIFLES

Written after my parents let me stay up and watched the Alexander Korda film – THE DRUM.

Also story about a group of kids on an adventure to a strange land where one of the boys falls in love with the Queen of the land.

Watched all kinds of TV and films as much as I could – loved the Hitchcock shows. Watched them ALL as a kid. Could always work out the plot. Drove my parents nuts.

Ever since I heard the writer of Basic Instinct was paid $3 million I wanted to be a screenwriter. Jeffrey was horrified.

I have been lucky in Hollywood, personal friends who I can, and do get on the phone are – Ron Meyer at Universal, Mike Medavoy, Sid Ganis, Jack Gilardi, Lenny Hirshan, Roger Birbaum (MGM) Mark Miner (Paramount), Tony Bill and others.

I do miss my late, great friend Gareth Wigan, who I met a lot, and not enough. He was instrumental in getting my contacts above. His memorial is here above my desk.

Ron Meyer is great with me; he always takes or returns my calls. He is probably the reason Mr Sutherland at CAA always reads my stuff and tries to get me literary agents there So far, it has been difficult, they only want to take on financed stuff.


The gym, walking, chess, Sport, Played Cricket & Rugby for my school. Amateur cricket in Australia. Rugby for the TORONTO LIONS, Canadian Football for THE TORONTO COWBOYS. Reserve for North of England Karate team when I was 17. Only did Karate as it was listed as one of Elvis’s hobbies and at first I had no idea what Karate was. Still don’t.

Currently I watch all that stuff. And spend as much time as possible with our grandson.

I also write.


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