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Ricky Sides was Born in Florence, Alabama in May of 1958. He has a wife named Sue that he married at age 18. He has one adult son named Larry Dale.

The author studied martial arts from 1981 to the mid 1990s. He has been an avid camper and student of survival. The techniques described in his fight sequences are often from his own personal experience and training. He has taught women's rape prevention seminars in the 1980's.

The author's writing experience includes The Birth of the Peacekeepers and the four other novels in that series, the Brimstone and the Companions of Althea series which is a nine novel set based on the online game t4c (the fourth coming) and was written by Ricky Sides under the pen name Raistlin and edited and collaborated on by a wonderful lady from Louisiana under the pen name Kittie Justice. The author also wrote a book on women's self-defense named The Ultimate in Women's Self-Defense.

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Coping With Breast Cancer.
Price: Free! Words: 9,260. Language: English. Published: May 26, 2011 . Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Women's health, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Cancer
In the fall of 1994 we were living the good life. We’d just bought our dream house and moved in the previous July and were looking forward to our first holiday season in our new home. Only one thing placed a cloud over our lives. My wife had a mysterious bloody discharge from one breast. She had also lost a considerable amount of weight and I was beginning to become concerned.
Brimstone and the Companions of Althea.
Price: Free! Words: 78,170. Language: English. Published: June 1, 2010 . Categories: Fiction » Adventure » General
(5.00 from 1 review)
Born of the union of Artherk, god of good, and a mortal woman named Evelyn, Brimstone was destined for great things. The followers of his father rejoiced on the night that Evelyn gave birth to Artherk’s son but other, more sinister forces didn't share in that joy. Those forces conspired against the newly born Demigod and his mother.

Smashwords book reviews by Ricky Sides

  • Celtic Evil A Fitzgerald Brothers Novel: Ian on May 23, 2010

    Hi there, I just read Celtic Evil, and found it to be a skillfully woven dark fantasy. The ease with which the author manages to keep so many main characters in character is astonishing. The characters are richly detailed. They interact in a believable manner. The complex relationship of the brothers reveals everything from tension to love, and there is no denying the underlying family loyalty. The premise of Celtic Evil can be said to be good verses evil, but there is more. I don't want to get into spoilers, but I will say that I found the author's knowledge of her subject matter extensive. I've seen fantasy books where the authors didn't understand their subject matter well enough to help the readers understand the concepts that they were trying to convey. Mrs. Rose conveys the complexities of the fantasy aspects of her tale with ease and clarity. Sierra Rose makes you believe in magic. She opens the imagination of the reader and fills it with magic. In the final analysis, that's what an author is supposed to do. The good ones can cause us to suspend our disbelief and make us believe their tales with the same wide-eyed wonder with which we enjoyed tales when we were children. Have a great day, Ricky
  • The Id from Eden on Feb. 01, 2013

    Hi there, I had the opportunity to read this book and give the authors my feedback prior to its being published, so I'd like to thank them for the opportunity to enjoy their creation prior to its release to the public. I loved "The ID from Eden," or as I prefer, "What's Your Pleasure?" There was a lot of attention to detail in the case of the Coach owner, victims. The two authors have created a wonderful book. They should be proud of their achievement. It flows well and has a great mix of backstory and action. It is thought provoking on several levels. Early in the book I found myself wanting one of the Coach cell phones. By the end, I found myself questioning things such as the amount of information we give about our activities to online sources, our dependence upon technology, and whether or not I'd still like to have a Coach. By the 4.0 release that was an easy question to answer. Oh Hell No! Authors John Altson and Bob Lee have written a book that depends heavily upon the reader understanding the reasons behind the actions of the characters, and boy did they deliver! This book contains several interesting short stories profiling some of the main characters that were woven into the narrative at just the right time. These stories enhance the reader's understanding concerning the motivations of the characters and cleverly add to the overall story arch without becoming an unwanted distraction. In my opinion, they spiced it up quite nicely because I found myself wanting to know more about the Coach owners. One of the things I like most about the book is the way that it had me questioning my own lifestyle, which is usually the hallmark of a great book. In a way, "The ID from Eden" should serve as a wake up call on many levels, especially where what we reveal about ourselves to online sources is concerned. I don't think it far fetched at all that some companies could use, or should I say abuse, the information with which we entrust them. I now think twice before revealing too much. By the end of the book, I think many of you readers will agree on that score. Thanks for the heads up guys. I think I needed that. Well done guys, Ricky Sides