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Steven Lyle Jordan writes under the name of Steven Lyle Jordan because he’s found it’s easier than making up a name. He lives near Washington, D.C., also known locally as “Ground Zero.”

Steven Lyle Jordan has been writing futurist fiction and science fiction since 1996, and taking advantage of his medley of literary, web and design skills to self-publish his novels since 2006. He has earned critical acclaim for his writing, as well as being honored for his self-made cover design and ebook quality. He is presently consulting on various science fiction projects for television.

Steven primarily writes what he describes as “futurist fiction,” stories based on real science and believable extrapolations of the future; but he’s also written lighter “sci-fi” fiction, non-SF adventure and humor, and received popular acclaim in all areas. He has penned sixteen novels to date, including a study of the growth of the ebook industry and a non-science-fiction detective adventure.

He has been interviewed by the New York Times and in various blogs, including Book Chums, DigiReader and The Tainted Archive. He has also lent his web production talents and support to the Read an E-Book Week website, elucidating on and encouraging ebook reading around the world.

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Smashwords book reviews by Steven Lyle Jordan

  • Baker's Dough on Aug. 14, 2012

    Simon Haynes has done it again with this latest addition to the Hal Spacejock series! Hal and Clunk make a great (if dysfunctional) team as they chase down the data they need to find the robot that will inherit Baker's fortune; and Haynes' comedy is sharp as ever, combining wit, puns and fourth-wall-shattering jabs throughout. All of the supporting cast make for perfect foils for Hal, and the story is like a meandering road in the woods... you don't know where you'll end up at the end! I keep telling myself that I wished I'd created this series... but then, I wouldn't do it the justice that Haynes manages.