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An avid reader from a young age, I started branching out into writing years ago. I started with several rather ambitious stories that were probably doomed to failure to begin with, above and beyond the personal circumstances that lead to me abandoning writing for years.

Due to a chance overheard conversation while on the bus from school, an idea took root and I suddenly had the urge to write again. From there, my work has only grown -- and the future continues to look bright.

Currently, I'm getting back into the 'swing' of writing after a long break. After graduating college, I spent a long time as a programmer looking for a job, and in my case, depression and writing don't mix well.

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Sword of Light
You set the price! Words: 32,990. Language: English. Published: November 18, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
Magic used to be a secret. It didn't use to be a constant headache for Mathew, formerly one of the most powerful Magi on Earth. Now he has to deal with bigots who think he should be shot on sight, and a monster who preys on the free will of innocent beings, all with just a fraction of his former power.
Trillion Dollar Family
You set the price! Words: 108,240. Language: English. Published: November 18, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Military
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
Sometimes, life just sucks. Jared Warren knows this better than anyone. His 'loving' marriage has had thirteen long, long years to explain it to him. In detail. But when the choice between an experimental life-saving procedure and dying comes up, he doesn't hesitate. After all, he has to protect his kids!
The Guardians
You set the price! Words: 248,500. Language: English. Published: November 7, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary, Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » General
(4.00 from 2 reviews)
Jason Bester was your normal, everyday neighbor. Halfway through college, with loving, wonderful parents and a supportive brother. Then he made the mistake of coming out of the closet, and fell into the depths of hell, and chooses suicide. Moments before death, Fate intervenes. And her hand shall guide him through a hell beyond imagining to a fate that will change the foundations of the world.

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