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Becca Vale
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Published May 24, 2024. (3.00 from 1 review)

Smashwords book reviews by RinPet81

  • Say You Love Me: Forest & River [Brothers] on Feb. 09, 2023

    Wish it was longer but it was on fire.
  • Not My Kid on Feb. 22, 2023

    I’ve read this whole series and have to say, this was the most disappointing. Not only was their first penatrative sex scene not on page, the only one that was was about half a page long. These books are high steam and this one was sorely lacking. The back and forth about whether Kirk was Jagger’s dad or not was convoluted and Kirk was kind of a terrible person. I don’t expect books like this to be the next great novel but some basic character development and plot progression doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to ask for. Bummed.
  • All We Want for Christmas on Jan. 21, 2024

    Sexy story but the word “baby” was written nearly 200 times in a 82 page book… that’s waaaaay too much and kinda ruined the book for me.
  • When Fantasies Collide on Feb. 04, 2024

    I’m with the reviewer holycashews. This was a bit of a letdown. It started out great but the whole blackmail plot took away from the push and pull from the MC’s taboo relationship. The end almost felt like an HFN because the dad still felt like he was unsure. I dunno. Father/son cest is a huge guilty pleasure of mine and I was pretty excited about this one but it didn’t deliver.