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As an NLP Training Consultant and Coach Rintu Basu specialises in developing people and businesses to maximise their performance in any area. He has developed and trained strategies in many diverse subjects from sales and business development to learning musical instruments and playing winning poker.
Rintu has spent the last fifteen years training hard nosed, practical and often cynical people in communications skills, hypnosis and NLP. Having a pragmatic engineering background as well a broad base of experience in business he has a unique slant on personal development. Rintu has developed a methodology for taking NLP hypnotic language patterns and using them in real world settings to help people get what they want out of life.
As well as running certified NLP courses and maintaining an exclusive coaching practice Rintu is delivering persuasion skills courses based on his individual perspective on the use of hypnotic language patterns.
Learn more at: www.thenlpcompany.com
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