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Smashwords book reviews by Rita K

  • The New Death and Others on Feb. 27, 2012

    The stories and poems were combinations of modern themes, ideas and/or phenomenons (things like Facebook or bad music that's inexplicably popular), and an older style of story-telling - something akin to folklore or myths. It was a cute and quick read but not the best thing out there because sometimes the wording just didn't work with the setting. It was something different for me to read though, I don't think I've come across this kind of book before.
  • Dirty Little Angels on June 13, 2012

    Not exactly the kind of book I usually read. It was very gritty, very dark. If it had been a bit longer more could have been developed in terms of characters, plots - just some tying-up of loose details maybe. While I didn't particularly enjoy it as much as I enjoy most books, it wasn't bad, but the warning was very correct - this is not a book for young people. It seemed quite realistic in terms of characters reacting to their situation and difficult circumstances - not the picture of perfection or someone you'd want to be like but very real in desperation. I liked the title.