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River Eno is vegan. She grew up in Philadelphia watching Dr. Shock's horror theatre every Saturday. By the time the show ended, she was a self-professed authority on vampires and all things dark and disturbing. From Hammer Films' Dracula to the creepily romantic movies of the twenty-first century, vampires still fascinate, captivate, and charm her in gruesome yet hauntingly spiritual ways.

Not merely a watcher of the strange, River's also been reading and writing about similar topics since she was a small child.

River has been a practicing solitary Norse/Celtic pagan witch since she was twenty years old. A passionate gardener, woods walker, medicinal plant searcher, and studying herbalist, River also uses alternative medicine practices alternative life choices when the voices in her head aren't demanding she pay attention.

Smashwords Interview

Describe your desk
I usually work from a laptop, so my desk is anywhere I am. I do have a desk, and it's full of desk stuff, pens, rubber bands, research material, note papers, post-its, a pile of books, and electronic device chargers. But I'm not sure how much actually writing I do there.
When did you first start writing?
I've been writing since I was a child. I didn't always like what I wrote or think it was relevant. I threw most of it away, which is sad because I'd like to see it now. I started writing seriously, with the intent to finish a book, when I was 28 years old. After my second child was born.
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Lady in White (A Collection of Utter Speculation)
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 47,410. Language: American English. Published: October 1, 2021 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Anthologies » Mystery
A woman walks on the side of the road. She wears a white dress and is known by many names: the Ghostly Hitchhiker. The Phantom Prom Date. The Woman in White. She may accept a ride, but she disappears before she ever reaches her destination. Is she an apparition? A memory? Or something beyond our understanding? Five authors offer their speculations on her story.
The Jersey Devil: A Collection of Utter Speculation (Book 2)
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 40,980. Language: American English. Published: March 9, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror, Fiction » Fantasy » Urban
The Jersey Devil mystery has endured for centuries, birthed from within the untamed acres of the Pine Barrens. Is it a monster? A man? Or a hoax? What does it want? Where does it hide? Five stories explore the origins of a mystery that preys upon our most primal fears. Is it utter speculation? Or do one of these stories hold the key to the truth?
The Lost Colony of Roanoke: A Collection of Utter Speculation
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 35,530. Language: American English. Published: February 26, 2019 . Categories: Fiction » Historical » Colonial America, Fiction » Alternative history
**WHAT A DEBUT!! A Collection of Utter Speculation, #2 on the Amazon "New Release" Alt History Science Fiction!!! **And #6 in "Best Seller" Alt History Science Fiction!! CRO. This message, carved into a tree, was the only clue to the fate of the colonists on Roanoke Island. For centuries, stories have circulated, theories were explored. But to this day, no one is really sure what happened.
The Hollow (The Anastasia Evolution Series Book 2)
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 123,940. Language: American English. Published: September 20, 2017 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Anastasia's life was always different, but she tried to live normally as a military office in the vampire nation where she was born and raised. However, strange things have a way of sneaking up on you when you're trying not to see them, making life terribly dangerous. When her partner is kidnapped and the situation turns deadly, it will forever change Anastasia and all who stand with her.
Love and War — and Eternally Damning Prophecies (The Anastasia Evolution Series)
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 123,240. Language: English. Published: May 17, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Anastasia Drucilla’s normal life came to an abrupt end when she was 9. That was the day her body shifted shape from human to that of a faerie of the dark breed. Now, 21 years later, Andru is a military officer. As her 30th birthday approaches her magik is becoming dislocated. The control she’s perfected is crumbling the closer she becomes to her vampire partner, Romeo, and his father, Gen. Galen.

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