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Smashwords book reviews by Roan View

  • Occupy My Ass (gay bdsm cop erotica) on Sep. 22, 2013

    Promising tidbit of cop assertiveness over young male
  • A Gift of Sky on Sep. 22, 2013

    Left me wondering if either participant found pleasure. Frustrating
  • Down the Bunny Hole on Sep. 22, 2013

    Nice effort fell short of capturing my attention
  • My Lady Enslaved on Sep. 22, 2013

    Enjoyed the read. Could have been a five star.
  • Nabbed! on Sep. 22, 2013

    Well written encompassing all participants
  • Pirate's Prize on Sep. 22, 2013

    Kept my attention. I wanted more pleasure and actual rape over torture but it left me willing to read on and possibly purchase the next book
  • Revenge Inc. on Sep. 22, 2013

    Fell short on stimulating attention by the reader
  • The Girl is in Charge on Sep. 22, 2013

    Predictable bland fem Dom. She could have had more depth
  • Strangers Come Inside on Sep. 23, 2013

    Good writing. Enjoyably believable. Makes me wonder....what it. And isn't that what a story should make you do?
  • His Nemesis on Sep. 23, 2013

    Fine hot reading. Perfect combination of steamy gay domination sex mixed with the essence of a boring relationship and the sex that goes with boring relationships.
  • Baby Boy 1: Sacrificed on Oct. 09, 2013

    Hot story with a boy believing it was easy to become a man. Made me want to read more as he learns more.