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Smashwords book reviews by Robin Smith

  • Loco, Razer 8 on Sep. 30, 2013

    I downloaded this as a free book because I was introduced to the author through one of my facebook groups. I have never read or heard of her before. She definitely has her own unique writing style and I found that I liked how she voiced her characters thoughts as they were happening. So it is definitely contemporary. Because of the Mexican and Spanish influences in her writing for the most parts she has translations of the words in parenthesis which is very helpful. However some words were missed so brush up on your language skills. What I found most difficult was the masculine and feminine forms because I couldn't remember if men just used the masculine and women used feminine so it was a bit confusing. Also I found small editing issues one being a switch from Chavez into Chaves. Just minor little things that in no way detracted from my enjoyment of this story. Some people might think that switching back and forth between a character's point of view to be confusing but I actually found that it made the story more enriching because you got a real sense of what each one thought or felt throughout instead of switching back and forth chapter by chapter. I wished that the story showed Claudia in action as a strong female lead instead of just mentioning her training and that she worked undercover for the FBI. I felt so much pain for Roberto because of his loss at the beginning but he put that on the back burner to become a specialized operative as a member of the Delta Force. I am not giving out details because there sre enough released in the synopsis/blurb for this story. Just know that there is passion, romance and hot sexual interludes within. Finding love with the right person is such a pivotal moment in our lives and I am glad to see that this story tells it in such a way that you can become one with the action held within.
  • Bound By Her Scent - Twin Canyon Shifters (A BBW Erotic Romance) on April 11, 2014

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is a new to me author that I met on my Shifter love goodreads group. When she put up the offer I had to respond as I so love my shifter romance. So on to what I thought about this book. At first I was put out when I read the beginning as I like my characters to get to know one another before they do the deed but then it turned out to be a dream sequence so it was okay. And folks that is all I will reveal about Ryker and Ally. I was impressed with what some alphas will do for their packs. You wouldn't have caught me allowing my mate to do such but then I'm particular that way, no I'm not revealing what. I will tell you that I pointed out 4 editing issues so the author could make sure that it was fixed properly, despite what I found it was well written and had the realism I like to see in the books that I read. It had the passion that you want in a good romance, as well as a good flowing storyline.