Robert Alderman


Being saddled with an inquisitive mind from an early age usually has very few benefits, unless your surrounded by patient people. I was. On both accounts. Asking so many questions left plenty of space in my head for reflection over the ones that were never answered sufficiently. Being surrounded with patient people kept the space open. (Yes, I realize I just called myself empty headed!) My connection to faith kept me engaged in a dogged pursuit of the ultimate question: Why are we here? The answer to that perplexing question is actually quite simple.

We are here to learn to create.

For those inclined towards God, the purpose of life is to learn to create as He does. I will leave my comment at that and invite you to search for all the ways He, and His Son have done that in holy writ. Your road map will be sure and your journey filled with soul satisfying discoveries.

For those who have yet to know God's love, and who are burdened by a world which seems to be saturated with a blood lust for destruction and sorrow I would council you to keep asking questions. And more importantly pay close attention to where your focus is. Do not consider the heartache and sorrows which have grabbed your attention as evidence that God must not exist. Consider that you might be trapped in a diabolical nightmare and look to a higher source to assist you out of it. A mind that reasons against the existence of God because of all that happens by the free will of fallible men in this world has missed the point completely.

There is little benefit in having a God who shields us from every sorrow and struggle by preventing their occurrence, and then, when all is said and done, drags up back into his presence as emotional and spiritual weaklings. Our existence here is not so trivial. Yet for the vast majority of people in the world it seems to be nothing more than trivial.

Six years ago I considered myself as one of those jaded people, burdened by the inconsequential I saw in everything.

While spending a good portion of my forty some odd years destroying things either through ignorance or stupidity, it dawned on me one day that there must be another way. Much like the main charater in my novel, Six Doors To Chance, when the possibility of another pathway entered my mind, a long desired answer finally began to take shape in one of those empty places in my head. My path of discovery began as I first confronted my own fears, hopelessness and misery, and from those awakenings it became necessary to integrate courage, trust and commitment. Voila!

I'm married to my wonderful wife of 23 years and we have been priviledged to raise three beautiful children, who have their heads screwed on straight! (Mostly because of the influence and nurturing of their mom)

Now for a brief list of trivial stuff. I surf, wake board, snow board, fly fish, crossfit, work with wood, create with my hands (although the skill of prestidigitation still eludes me), laugh every day, honor liberty, reverence the Constitution, and I'm kind to small children and animals!

Robert Alderman


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