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I've been writing all my life, but only recently started publishing. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was just the way the universe unfolded its plan for me, but I am fully vested in my writing now and determined to get all these stories bouncing around in my head out there and into the hands of readers who will enjoy my tales. Most, if not all of what I write will fall into the science fiction genre as it is without a doubt my passion. My goal is to write sci-fi that will appeal to more than just sci-fi readers, though. Crossing my fingers. My wife likes what I write, though she may not be objective. We've been married since 1997 and have four beautiful children, two dogs, four cats and two guinea pigs. The zoo we call home is just outside Baltimore, Maryland, where the summers are hot as hell and the winters, well the winters are cold as hell.

The past year has been consumed by planning for the Chronicles of Man. Originally it was envisioned as three books of roughly 10 to 15 short stories that weren't really connected to each other but set in the same 'universe' and moved the timeline ahead decades and sometimes centuries at a time. I wrote the outlines for about 45 stories. Starting with the first one, Discovery, I wrote the story in a few weeks and then realized that I'd set in motion a chain of events that had to be addressed in the next book. So I wrote Stratagem. Then I realized I'd created characters I loved and had to keep going. So then I wrote Soul Beneath the Surface. And while (SPOILER ALERT!) we do say goodbye to certain characters in "Soul", we also gain some new ones that we simply must get to know better. So Song of the Dying Sun will follow the existing story arc. At this point I am sure whatever follows "Song" will do the same. Not sure at this point how far we'll jump ahead chronologically by the end of the First Age, but I know it's going to be one hell of a ride. Can't wait! The Second Age should proceed as planned; it was always destined to be a collection of stories all along the same arc. The Third Age? Well...we'll see!

Eventually The Chronicles of Man will be complete and I'll start writing some of the other stories I have in my head. Sincerely hope you enjoy everything I write between now and then so you're around to read them because they're kick ass. ;-)

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