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Robert David MacNeil - Teacher, author, wine-lover, and investigator of things supernatural. Over the last twenty years I’ve traveled to 31 nations researching, writing, and teaching on angels, demons, and supernatural encounters. My travels have taken me from the steppes of Mongolia to the jungles of Thailand, and from the Eskimo villages of Northwest Alaska to le fin del mundo, the “end of the world,” at the tip of South America.

I’ve always been addicted to sci-fi and suspense thrillers, and I love history–especially ancient Greece, Rome and medieval Europe. I’m particularly fascinated with Patrick, Columba, and the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland. The Celtic monks had a very special relationship with the angels. They also loved beer and invented whiskey. The Irish really did save civilization.

I’ve authored five non-fiction books under a different pen-name. My first novel is the acclaimed SciFi Thriller, IONA PORTAL. I’m presently working on the sequel, IONA STRONGHOLD.

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