Robert W. Lowndes


Robert W. “Doc” Lowndes is not so well known these days as he should be. He wrote four novels and over three dozen short stories, some of the latter of which are featured in this collection. But his real contribution to the birth of modern science fiction was as an editor. He edited Future Science Fiction, Science Fiction, and Science Fiction Quarterly, as well as crime-fiction, western, sports-fiction, and other pulp and digest sized magazines for Columbia Publications. He continued his editing career by creating several more science fiction and horror/fantasy magazines for different publishers. In doing so he made a place for his fellow Futurians like Donald Wollheim, Frederik Pohl, James Blish and Cyril Kornbluth, and a host of burgeoning science fiction writers, to publish their work and find an audience. He also was a prolific author of essays on the nature of science fiction. These and his editorial work helped shape the genre of science fiction and insured its survival past its turbulent childhood to become hugely popular as it is today.

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